Design Trends for 2018 Pt 1

Hello friends and happy tuesday! Today I'm excited to finally share the first of two posts sharing my favourite design trends for 2018. It's funny because when it comes to fashion and beauty I'm never one to get too excited about trends but when it comes to interior design I love seeing new trends emerge and I get so excited about finding ways to try to incorporate the trends I love into my own home. Today I'm sharing the first 5 of my 10 favourite trends we'll be seeing more of in 2018 and how you can incorporate them into your own home! 

First up, let's talk:

Matte Black Finishes

Brass was back in a big way last year and while brass was stealing the show, matte black finishes were slowly creeping into more and more homes and design applications. When we were building our own home I fought for matte black hardware and fixtures in our kitchen and while I unfortunately lost that battle (check out our kitchen here though!), I am LOVING the resurgence in matte black hardware, fixtures and finishes that keeps popping up. We'll be seeing more and more of matte black this year and I'm definitely not mad about it. 

If you're considering a kitchen or bath reno I'd highly suggest opting for matte black faucets and fixtures. Not renovating or up for replacing faucets or fixtures? No problem. A quick and easy upgrade is to spray your cabinet handles or knobs in a matte black to get this look for yourself for a fraction of the cost. 

matte black bathroom, matte black hardware
matte black bathroom hardware
matte black finishes
matte black kitchen hardware

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Herringbone Floors

Next up is a trend that I LOVE - herringbone floors. Herringbone is a classic pattern that works well in a variety of styles. Whether your home is modern or traditional or somewhere in between, herringbone works. Statement floors are making a comeback and herringbone is a beautiful way to incorporate this trend into your home in a way that's also classic and long lasting and looks great with hardwood or tile. Bringing this look into your own home is more of an investment for sure. Herringbone is a more time consuming install that requires a bit more product (more wastage) but boy oh boy is it ever beautiful! Prepare to swoon....

herringbone kitchen floor
herringbone hardwood floors
marble herringbone floor
bathroom with herringbone tile floor

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Colorful Kitchens 

The next trend I want to talk about is one I'm SO excited about and truthfully, makes me want to re-do my entire kitchen! lol White kitchens will forever be a classic option in my opinion but this year I think we'll be seeing a lot more COLOR in our kitchens and I am loving it! Go-to's are shades of blues and greens from bold statement making rich hues, to muted tones for a softer but still stunning look. If color is a bit too daring, grey is the new white and is a great unique kitchen color without going quite as bold as blue or green. If you're not ready to jump full tilt - consider a colored island with wooden or white cabinets for just a pop of this kitchen trend! 

blue kitchen
green kitchen
grey and brass kitchen
sage green kitchen cabinets

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The Bedroom Zen Zone

The next trend we'll be continuing to see this year is the increase in zen like, nature inspired relaxing bedrooms. Bedroom trends have run the gamut from dark and dramatic to glamorous but the decor style that's currently on the rise is one that's muted, understated and very calming which is in my opinion, ideal for a bedroom. Think white walls, wooden accents, a soft palette, lots of texture and pops of greenery. These spaces are gorgeous examples of the bedroom zen zone done right IMO. Bring this vibe into your own space by incorporating white/off white linens into your room, keeping a muted palette and bringing in natural elements such as wicker, light woods and accents of greenery.

amber interiors bedroom
peaceful bedroom design, calming bedroom
relaxing bedroom
minimalist bedroom

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Colorful Sofas

Bright hued sofas were a trend we saw rise fast and furious last year and they show no signs of stopping this year either! Rich blues and brightly hued greens were staples last year and this year expect to see more muted colors rise in popularity. Muted purples and rose, mustard and of course blues and greens will be popular sofa colors to make a major statement in any living space. I for one love this trend! Take a bit of a risk and inject a bit of color into your living space like these rooms!

purple velvet sofa, plum sofa
mustard colored sofa
green sectional, green velvet sofa
living room with blue sofa

Image Sources: One // Two // Three // Four 

That's it for today friends! Stay tuned, I'll be sharing Pt 2 of my 2018 design trends very soon!! 

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