Kresswell Client: Bright + White Kitchen Remodel

Today's an exciting day because I'm sharing another design project that Kristina and I have been working on through Kresswell Interiors - our design business. Last year Kristina and I started quite a few projects through Kresswell so heading into this year, we knew we'd be off to a busy start! 

One of the projects we began working on late last year was a bright and beautiful kitchen remodel. This client was completely remodelling her kitchen to make it a brighter, more beautiful and more functional space for her growing family. Today I thought I'd share a bit of the inspiration behind her design plan and why despite the trend alerts that white kitchens are 'out', I love white kitchens and think they never go out of style...

white kitchen, brass hardware

Major white and bright kitchen inspo

Firstly, let's take a look at a bit of the inspiration for our client's kitchen plan.....

White Shaker style cabinets are a classic base for an all white kitchen. Plans to incorporate wooden shelving and a raised bar at the island will add some warmth to the all white space. A bold tile accent will add major wow factor to the space with the rest of the area in a classic white subway tile.  Black modern light fixtures (in a matte finish - remember we talked about that here?) will add some depth to the space and contrast against a few more classic finishes like her faucet. 

By incorporating texture and pattern (accent tile, roman shade, rug) and high contrast against the white finishes (hardware, lighting) we're keeping this white kitchen current and interesting. I can't wait to see how this space comes together but in the meantime, check out a few of the white kitchens I'm loving that still show that while colorful kitchens are on the rise, a beautiful white kitchen will always be classic if you ask me!


white kitchen inspiration

A Classic All White Kitchen

This kitchen is kind of your standard all white kitchen - white cabinetry, white subway tile and chrome finishes keep this space feeling very bright and open and airy. I love this classically beautiful kitchen that in my opinion, would never really go out of style.  That being said if this were my space, chances are I'd throw down a vintage rug, swap out the fixtures for brass or matte black and probably add a bit more color to the shelf styling. 

white farm kitchen

 A Classic All White Kitchen


A White Kitchen With Warm Wood

To warm up an all white kitchen, warm accents with wood like walnut and brass finishes is a great way to cozy up your space. Floating shelves, accent island features or wooden decor accents are great ways to bring in some warmth because in my opinion a warm wood is such a gorgeous accent paired with bright white finishes!

white and walnut kitchen

White and Walnut Kitchen

White Kitchen With A Pop Of Color

A great way to mix up an all white kitchen is through the use of a pop of color. As I mentioned earlier this week, we're seeing a huge rise in the use of blues, and greens and greys in kitchens and with spaces like this, it's not hard to see why! Accent blocks of cabinetry in a bold color or a contrasting island are a great way to add some more color and interest to an all white kitchen space. 

white and blue kitchen

White Kitchen with Blue Cabinet Accent

White Kitchen With Bold Tile

One way to add major wow factor to an all white kitchen is through a bold patterned backsplash tile. I love the look of this kitchen that uses a monochromatic palette but tons of texture to create a beautiful cohesive space! 

white kitchen, patterned backsplash, herringbone floor

White Kitchen with Patterned Backsplash

Which of these kitchens would be your favourite? Are you still in love with white kitchens or are you over them? Let me know in the comments below! And if you're looking for online or in person design services, check out Kresswell Interiors

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