Living Room Refresh: The Inspiration

In my opinion after taking down all of the holiday decorations and putting away some of the clutter - you've got the perfect opportunity to take a step back and assess your decor situation a bit. When James and I first moved into our home a year and a half ago we hustled hard to get our home 'blog ready' quickly but truth be told, our home has been in a bit of a state of 'almost done but not quite right' ever since. This year it's my goal to get some of these spaces that aren't quiiiiite done, fully completed and to refresh some of the areas that we're not totally in love with.

Today I thought I'd talk about some of our plans for the living room and how The Brick is going to help! This year The Brick is really stepping up with some major mid-century modern stunners! By now you should all know that MCM design has always been my first love. I know it's very on trend right now but mid-century modern design has always been my favourite and in my opinion, these pieces never go out of style!

SO, when I saw this new Calla Linen Sofa from The Brick I flipped! It's perfect, and at $400, it's incredibly affordable. Continuing to see a movement towards softer and more curved and organic lines is a big trend we'll be seeing this year in design and with it's mid-century modern legs, the sofa is right up my alley.

Later last year we already picked up this glass shade floor lamp from The Brick that I love. Again, it's totally affordable, it's got great clean lines that lend itself to any style of space (but it fits right into my modern space!) and it's obviously very practical too! Last year we had it set up beside our sofa nestled in with our side table from The Brick but this year as a part of our refresh it's already moved (you'll have to wait for the reveal to see what we've done!)

Pictured below: Glass Floor Lamp, Basket & Side Table from The Brick (exact side table is sold out but there are great modern styles here!)

modern living room design

Next up as a part of our refresh is this gorgeous Ahmar area rug from The Brick. Finding an affordable and stylish large scale rug can be difficult so I feel like we hit the jackpot with this one! Truthfully, I've never been totally in love with our current living room area rug. I've always found it to be a bit cold and not quite as plush as we'd like so I'm excited to get this new one in our space (plus I know Herman will love napping on our cozy new rug too!) ;) 

This next piece I'm hoping to add to our space this year might just be my favourite yet - I gasped when I saw this Kisper End Table from The Brick. I mean, it's pretty much what mid-century modern design dreams are made of! It's stylish, it has storage, it's GORGEOUS and I'm hoping it will be a great side table in our revamped living space! Atop of the side table I'd love to use this beautiful Dark Metal Table Lamp for accent lighting. Mid-Century Modern design is often known for quirky shapes and designs and the style of this lamp is perfect! See what I mean guys, SO many great new pieces from The Brick this year!

Lastly, when it comes to MCM inspired designs there are a few pieces that really stand out as statement pieces. One of these is the noguchi coffee table and this Soyo coffee table from the Brick is a great affordable alternative for a very similar look! 


Mid-Century Modern Living Room Refresh with The Brick

mid century modern living room

Lastly, on our refresh wish list for the year is to spruce up our fireplace. My friend Trish helped me out with this sketch last year after James and I moved in. We're still not totally sure exactly what we'd like to do in terms of shelving, layout, how high and wide to take the tile but we definitely want to add some more drama to that space and I LOVE the idea of matte black subway tile and incorporating a touch of walnut somehow to warm it up. I think it would contrast so well against our bright white walls, what do you guys think?!

modern fireplace black matte subway tile

So there you have it, a bit of the inspiration for our plans for our living room this year. What piece that we've picked is your favourite? Do you have plans for a refresh this year? Let me know in the comments below!