Fall Home Tour

As an interior designer I love to constantly tweak my decor around the house so when the seasons change, I take that as the perfect opportunity to do a little redecorating. Seeing as we've only been in our house for a few months there's still lots for us to get done with this house (like - LOTS! haha) but that didn't stop me from making a few fall decor swap outs. 

Now when it comes to fall seasonal decor I'm not big on going all out with pumpkins and leaves, it's just not my style but I do make a few simple changes that anyone on just about any budget can put into action in their own homes.  Since fall marks the beginning of a chill in the air, shorter days and cooler nights fall decor to me is all about being cozy. It's about richer textiles and fabrics, lots of chunky knits and throws, adding warmer metallic accents and candles galore!

I thought today would be the perfect day to show off how the #204ParkHouseBuild is coming along .

Our entryway may not be large but that doesn't mean there's not space to add a side table and some accessories. I love these starburst wall accessories from the Brick as well as this side table which is the perfect place to rest some greenery and a dish for keys as well as other decorative accents. 

Above: Metallic Side Table // Starburst Accents - The Brick

Heading into the living room, I wanted the space to feel cozy by adding lots of texture. I love the warmth that our copper side table gives to the room, it's a great accent paired against the cooler colors in the room. Greenery and fun accents add visual interest, texture and color without overwhelming the space. 

As you can see we still need to get artwork for above the sofa (James and I have been going back and forth on those options for weeks lol) but thanks to our accessories and plants, the lack of artwork doesn't bother me as much as it would if the room were more bare.

Above: Copper Side Table // Skull Decor and Succulent Decor - The Brick

When it comes to accessories I #cantstopwontstop! You might remember a few weeks back I went a bit buck at the Brick tent sale, grabbing a ton of great accessories that help warm up the space and pull in some of the colors I'm hoping to accent over time. 

Eventually we'll probably put a TV over the fireplace - as much as I'm not totally crazy about that idea, James and I would like the function of one there so that will likely be our next addition to our living room but for now, the area around the fireplace is pretty minimal. When the fireplace is on it does emit quite a bit of heat which Herman loves so I lay down a little rug for him next to our baskets of blankets because in my opinion, you can never have enough cozy knit blankets around in the fall and winter! 

Moving into the kitchen and dining room, things are pretty simple for right now. I like to keep my kitchen styling pretty minimal although I couldn't resist picking up this stone and wood board from the Brick at their tent sale. It goes so well with the vase I picked up at the same time that I use as a utensil holder. 

In the dining room we've got plans to bring in a gorgeous round brass mirror, a tufted dining bench and add some warmth with wallpaper and curtains. For now our styling is pretty simple but the addition of the gold vase helps to keep the space from feeling too cold or clinical, seeing as we haven't finalized our wallpaper and curtain situation for that room just yet. 

Next up, I want to show off my office - because I FINALLY have a proper office desk and chair! Can I get an amen?! haha As soon as I saw this desk from the Brick I knew it was exactly what I needed. My office isn't huge so the pieces have to be proportionately scaled so this desk is the perfect size to be functional and provide enough storage for my essentials while still leaving room for Herman's teepee and my bookshelf. Plus, I'm still loving my cozy nook where I like to sit and journal and read. To cozy things up I added a throw to my chair and a few more candles to the space. I've sprinkled metallic accents throughout the room to carry the warmth from my coffee and side tables. Future plans for this room include some floating shelving above Herman's area, painting my desk legs gold or brass, painting my shelving white and painting the room! I can't wait to continue to pull this space together.

Lastly, I wanted to share a little peek into our bedroom. This room is probably my favourite room in our house because it's the closest to being done. A bit more artwork and accessories, plants, curtains and an area rug and we'll be done! (I know that doesn't sound close to done but it's the room that is the closest haha).

I love our new white bedding that has lots of texture to keep things interesting. I keep a pouf and a blanket in the corner of our room because in the mornings I actually wrap myself up (because I'm always FREEZING!) and I sit on the pouf and do my makeup in front of this mirror. We just got these bedside lamps also and I love them. They're the perfect mix of industrial and modern plus you can't see from the photos, but the cord is wrapped in black and white threading so you don't have to deal with an ugly cord situation - #winning! 

This post was sponsored by The Brick. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!