Badass Female Halloween Costume: Dr. Mindy Lahiri

ICYMI this year for Halloween I'm all for emulating some of the most badass female pop culture figures from this past year. Just last week I shared my first do it yourself costume idea - Beyonce, and today I want to share another lady who I think we could all emulate this year, Dr. Mindy Lahiri.

So what makes Dr. Mindy Lahiri a badass you ask?

Her character is a doctor who not only works at one practice but opened her own fertility clinic to boot. Her character portrays a minority woman who is a working mother and business owner who seems to have it all and yet, her character allows us to see her struggles in that she doesn't. She's intelligent but also a bit clumsy and cares about fashion and celebrity fodder, something that women are often shamed for - or made to feel silly for being interested in that sort of thing. I love that her character is a smart doctor AND a girly girl. Get it Mindy! (Plus Mindy Kaling herself is pretty much a queen IMO so this costume is a win/win)

To dress as Mindy Lahiri for Halloween your costume is actually pretty simple. Knowing that Ms Mindy's character dons mostly bright colored feminine apparel means that you can wear just about any bright colored or patterned dress or skirt - the louder the better! I love this look from the show's promo shots and this costume is totally DIY-able!


Throw on a bright colored dress like this pink one and a pair of bold heels to match. Add some bling and give yourself a gold mani. Follow up with a pair of cat eye glasses, a white doctor's coat and stethoscope and before you know it, you've transformed into Dr Mindy Lahiri! Unless that is, you're going as Beyonce