Get Lit - How These Lightbulbs Have Transformed Our Home

When James and I were first searching for our home, one of the most important factors for me was light. I wanted LOTS of light. Lots of natural light with big beautiful windows, some statement lighting pieces, accent lighting for decorative touch and enough general lighting that our home would always feel bright and happy. Fortunately for us, we found a home that was bright and beautiful with lots of lighting just like we wanted. 

Once we found the home that had the big windows, and the funky light fixtures and we picked all of our lighting I thought we were done. The builder finished our home, we moved on in and it wasn't until SYLVANIA Canada reached out to me that I realized I didn't really give enough thought to the source of the lighting that I should have - the lightbulbs. 

modern cozy living room

You see, lighting can truly make or break a space. The right kind of lighting - layered lighting, the right bulbs, the right color temperature, the right application, makes such a huge difference in how a space looks and more importantly, feels.  When we think of lighting in our home we need to consider layering lighting with general lighting (those are your built in light fixtures, your overhead lighting such as pot lights), task lighting (lighting to illuminate a task, ex: reading lamp) and accent lighting (the least functional lighting, but adds a decorative element). For each of these types of lighting you'll need to consider bulb type, how bright the bulb is, what temperature of color the light emits and if the light is dimmable among other factors. So many choices!

why choose LED lighting

When I found out that SYLVANIA'S SMART + bulbs can actually vary in their color temperature I felt like I'd stepped into the future - how on earth did I not know about this?! Using the LIGHTIFY gateway system you can connect your phone to the LIGHTIFY app and remotely control your bulb from your phone anywhere in the world with wireless connection. So cool, right?! 

Naturally, we've been switching out the lighting in our home to these bulbs so that we can make the absolute most of our lighting. Warm and cozy lighting in our guest bedroom to create an inviting and comfortable place for guests to stay. Soft lighting in our bedroom where we read before bed but need bright light for getting ready on cool and dark fall and winter mornings.

adjustable lighting
sylvania canada lightbulbs
modern bedroom lighting
why choose LED lighting
cozy bedroom lighting

For a vintage feel, the Vintage LED Filament bulbs give the look of a traditional bulb with the efficiency of LEDs. These guys are great for my lights with clear shades since the bulb adds a decorative element. The Vintage LEDs come in a clear or amber glass bulb depending on just how vintage you're looking to go. These bulbs are awesome, they're dimmable, mercury and lead free, last 15 times longer than incandescent bulbs and they give off a beautiful soft warm light. 

vintage LED lighting
LED bulb that looks like a vintage light
cozy modern home

When you're choosing lighting for your home, LED really should be your first choice. My favourites are the Sylvania SMART+ LED . They can be adjusted to be warm or cool, they're mercury free, dimmable and have up to 85% energy savings. When it comes to making a change that will affect both your wallet and the environment, switching over to LED bulbs is one of the simplest ways to do so. I love when design, saving money and helping the environment all collide, don't you?! For more information, check out the SYLVANIA website or head over to Amazon to buy your own! 

why choose LED lighting
why you should use LED lighting

This post was made in partnership with SYLVANIA Canada. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog, without them I wouldn't be able to do what I love!