Happy New Year!

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Hello everyone and Happy New Year! I've spent the last week and a half or so pretty much living in my pj's, wearing no makeup, a greasy top knot and I've been basically ignoring my phone (so if I owe you an email or text, I promise, it's coming! haha). I won't lie - this much needed break has been absolutely glorious. It's also been the first time in over a year (yes, over a year) that I've taken more than two days off in a row. Woah. (SO not okay)

2017 was the year of the hustle. I set goals I crushed (most of) them. I built my business, I learned a lot of lessons and many of them kicked my ass but hey, you learn the most from those. I saw success in 204 Park that I never imagined and I was forced to reassess how I allocate my time between myself, my blog and some of the other clients and businesses I was working with. I had great opportunities come my way and one of them blew up in my face in a way I couldn't have ever seen coming. Nothing like a major financial F#@! over to cause you to take a step back and re-evaluate some shit haha!

Heading into 2018 I knew I was ready for a change. It's funny, although I know that January is just another month and each day is just another day in another year for me, I love the feeling of a fresh start. That's why I love Monday's too! I'm all about a clean slate, a fresh start and a positive outlook to be able to feel like you're starting something new. In reality I totally get why some people aren't all about Monday's or the New Year - every day is a new opportunity for a fresh start but for me, the New Year is the biggest fresh start a girl could ask for and after a year like the last one, boy do I need it. 

I don't know if you're all sick of these posts by now but today I thought I'd share a few of my goals and plans for 2018 because maybe by sharing, I'll be held a bit more accountable and we can help inspire and motivate one another! So with that being said, here are some of my goals and plans for 2018 - I'd love to hear some of yours in the comments below!  

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Goals for 2018

Consistency in my Quest for Well Being

I'm a big believer in the importance of taking care of your overall well being. Overall eating mostly well, overall exercising a decent amount, overall taking mental breaks etc etc but in 2017 my care for my well being was incredibly inconsistent. I'm the QUEEN of 'killing it' one week and 1000% dropping the ball the next. I prioritize my work and my clients first and if I need to drop my workout or meditation to make it happen, I don't even give it a second thought. This year, my hope is to more realistically recognize what's achievable in terms of my workload so that I can find more consistency in my ability to take care of my well being. I want to consistently stick to my workout plan, I want to consistently meditate, I want to consistently make time to sit on my ass and binge on my favourite Netflix shows - you see where I'm going with this....right? My goal is to make smaller and more attainable changes over time so that I don't put pressure on myself to be the "green smoothie making, 10,000 steps a day-ing, journalling, meditating, yoga-ing" 'best version of me' immediately on January 1st. Living that life takes time and dedication and consistent effort and by recognizing that these changes won't happen overnight I hope that I'll be able to be consistent with the small changes that I make. Make sense?

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Health and Fitness

So on that note, a big part of my well-being relates to my health and fitness. I've said it on here so many times before but when I get stressed or busy the first thing to go for me is my health and fitness. I stop cooking for myself, I stop working out and I become a bit of a sedentary potato haha! Right before Christmas I bought myself a Fit Bit and a super cute gold bracelet to wear it in (because let's be honest, 99% of the time the rubber band isn't my jam) and it's been blowing my mind how hard it's been to get in my 10,000 steps. Working from home KILLS my step game. When I'm out and about running errands, doing design work where I'm sourcing materials and meeting with clients I reach my goal no problem but on the days I work from home I'm not even half way there. My first fitness goal - 10,000 steps a day. From there, I'm setting a goal to work out for 30 minutes, 3 days a week. For me, once I start working out consistently the rest all kind of falls into place because when you're working out, (for me anyways) chances are you don't want to spoil that by eating like shit. Anyways, in 2018 I'm making it a priority to get back to taking care of myself again because lord knows that didn't happen last year and let's just say the older you get, the faster those pounds start to pack on and the harder they are to work off! haha 


I mentioned travel briefly in my 2017 Review but last year did not see nearly as much travel as I'd have liked. I did get a chance to explore a few areas of Canada that I hadn't been to before but with so much focus on my business, travel took a backseat last year. This year, I'm making more of an effort to plan for breaks and getaways. For me, travel doesn't even need to mean far away or exotic destinations, I'm happy to travel within Canada and North America but I would like to take a few more trips and get some more miles under my belt this year and thankfully, James and I already are making plans to do so. From more weekend getaways to the mountains, a few girls trips and a bigger (and much needed) getaway for James and I - 2018 is going to include more travel to help me relax, rejuvenate and get inspired! 

Canadian Rocky Mountains

PS This is an unedited iPhone photo from our New Year's trip to Banff - stunning, right?! The mountains make my heart happy!!

Work Smarter Not Harder

If my 2018 could have a motto - it would be Work Smarter Not Harder. Like I mentioned last year I worked my buns off but slowly I started to realize there were ways that I could ask for help that would free up time for me to focus on doing what I love most, take away stress and be worth every penny spent on that help. Last year I hired a friend of mine to help very part time with a few small tasks. Although it's not a lot, it's amazing how even releasing those small tasks took such a HUGE weight off for me and took away stress, helped with my mental health and freed up extra hours in my week to focus more on what I love. My next big step was partnering with Tracey. I've already sang Tracey's praises a few times but I cannot stress enough how happy I am that I took the 'risk' of hiring someone to do what they love and are passionate (and incredibly talented) at and free up time for myself to focus on what I love to do. My goal for 2018 is to find other ways to work smarter and ask for help, let things go and focus on what will truly help me not only grow my business, but be happier with what I'm dong. 

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Less Is More

2017 was the year I feel like I fell a bit out of love with "stuff'. It's the year that the 'less is more' motto really hit home for me. I think I've been slowly gravitating to this 'quality over quantity' and 'less is more' motto over the past few years but this year I plan to really put them into action and declutter my life a bit. Now don't worry, I'm not over here going full Minimalist on you guys - I still love my "things" but I also recognize that I've been holding on to some things for the wrong reasons and I'm continuing to recognize the importance of buying with intention. Whether for fashion or beauty or your home, I think it's important we focus on the "Less is More" motto and that's something that is going to be difficult for me but an important exercise that I work on in 2018. 

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My Time Is My Most Valuable Asset

Very much related to my path towards a more balanced life and well being and my "work smarter not harder" mantras for the year, something that really hit home for me last year was that my time is my most valuable asset. There are only so many hours in a day. I saw this meme a few months ago and I thought it was incredibly hilarious but also a little too accurate. 

stressed out meme funny

We have 24 hours in a day. Spend those precious hours with people you love, doing things that make you happy. Last year I started to realize that there were certain people I'd spend time with who would seem to leave me feeling drained. As a sensitive soul (as I've been called and as I totally am), I recognize that being around negative people, individuals who are always surrounded by drama and people who don't support and encourage others are people I no longer have time to be around. Repeat after me: MY TIME IS MY MOST VALUABLE ASSET. Spend it well. We all have obligations for certain things we have to do that we may not love but that means when you do have time free, be with people who 'fill your cup'. Work towards a job or career that you love. (And I know we're not all going to love our jobs all the time, but don't stay in a miserable job out of fear). For me, in 2018 I'm going to be focussing on work that makes me happy, people who give me joy and doing things that excite me, push me and maybe even scare me but hey, the goal is to make the most of my time because we don't have a ton of it. 

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Be Kind - Assume the best in others

My last goal for the year is a goal that I always try to achieve but with a twist. Oh the impact of simply being kind....it sounds so simple but at times it can be harder than it sounds and also, the importance of a goal that seems so small is HUGE. I love the saying, 'be kind; you never know what someone is going through'.  It's so true, we all go through struggles and most of the time, we do so privately. Social media can give a skewed version of our realities and often times hidden behind those picture perfect posts are people all struggling with difficult times we all face at one time or another so trying to treat everyone with kindness is something I am always working on.  This year, the twist that I love is one I'm taking note of from my girl Nicole, "assume the best in others". I try to do this but it's not always easy. And while I may feel like I'm pretty good at coming at things from others' perspectives and trying to assume that most people are coming from a good place I'm not always great at expressing that to others when I hear people around me assuming the worst. We are the center of our own universe's and that often means we play the victim game, assuming if someone hurts us that they've done so knowingly and intentionally when most often, that's not the case. So my goal for 2018 is to continue to assume the best in others but also, remind those around me of the same when they might be assuming the worst.

Okay, phew! That turned into a longer rant than I'd imagined but thanks so much for reading along! Let me know some of your goals or resolutions in the comments below! 

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