Gorgeous Garden How-To's

Now that James and I are in our new home we've started to think a bit more about our garden and exterior of the home as well as our interior. I am by no means a great green thumb however, I do know a thing or two about creating beautiful spaces, both indoor and outdoor. So with that being said, here are a few of my tips for creating a beautiful outdoor space that you and your guests can enjoy.

The first thing to think about when you've decided how to style or landscape your yard is typically a deck or patio. With our own yard we'll have grass and a little bit of landscaping which is great for a garden party, but we don't yet have a deck or patio. A concrete pad or block patio is a less expensive option usually but in a perfect world we'd love to build a beautiful deck for entertaining and putting great patio furniture and a bbq on. 

The area I struggle with greatly is greenery and flowers. I can barely keep my indoor plants alive so the thought of keeping a garden going is a little bit daunting. Thankfully I have a few green thumbs in my life who I plan to have help me by determining what plants will work well in our yard. I have pretty limited knowledge of these things such as what plants like shade, which need full sunlight and how often they need to be watered. I'm envisioning our garden being fairly minimal to start with mainly low maintenance greenery and a few potted plants to start but down the road I'd actually love to have a little vegetable garden. 

A more major element of your yard plan you might want to consider if you have the space is a small structure like a gazebo, shed or summer house. I love the idea of having a shaded area to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee in the garden. I know my yard is much too small for this but if you have the space, why not add another small structure that's not only beautiful but provides shade or shelter as well. 

Lastly, the final element you'll likely want to give some thought to when creating a beautiful outdoor space would be the finishing touches. Maybe you want a unique feature and want to create a focal point with one of these fire pit ideas? Or how about adding some patio lanterns or cushions and throws to go with your funrniture? Just as your decor and accents add personality inside your home, the same applioes for the outside.

So get outdoors and enjoy the rest of the warm weather while you still can! Have a great weekend everyone 

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