Let's Talk: Getting Healthy Part 3

This blog post is made in partnership with Lucere Dermatology and Laser Clinic. Their weight loss program is a doctor supervised program and is meant to be followed under their guidance and supervision. While I do talk in detail about the program in my blog posts there are a few important elements of the program that I don't get into detail with these posts. If you're interested in the Lucere Weight Loss Program get in touch with them HERE to find out more information or book a consultation to see if this program is right for you! Please don't use my blog posts about my experience as a way to lose weight outside of the Lucere Weight Loss Program!



Well I thought it was time for another update on my progress with the Lucere Dermatology and Laser Clinic's Weight Loss Program since it's been a little while! I've been receiving TONS of messages and emails with questions about the program I've been following so if you're not up to date, make sure to read my first and second posts here before we get into today's....

Introduction to the Program + Why I Started

A Mid Way Update and FAQs Answered

Today I thought I'd share my results at the end of Phase 2 of the program. I'm currently in the maintenance phase of the program where I'm slowly introducing foods back into my daily diet and figuring out my 'new normal'

At the end of my Phase 2 I ultimately ended up losing 30lbs (!!!), even more than my original goal. It's crazy to look back at photos of myself before I began the program to see how different I look but also, to recognize how much better I FEEL. And while dropping 30lbs and several clothing sizes is obviously incredible, it's the other changes in my life that have happened as a result of following this program that have been the absolute best. 

As I mentioned right at the start of this journey my #1 motivation for beginning this weight loss program was to feel better. Over the past few years I'd let work and commitments with friends and family and feelings of obligation and guilt take over to the point where I was over scheduling myself to the extreme. I wasn't sleeping enough, I wasn't taking the time to make healthy meals and I wasn't taking the time I needed for myself both mentally and physically to live a healthy balanced life. Basically, $#!t got out of control. 

I think the most valuable takeaway from going through Lucere Dermatology and Laser Clinic's Weight Loss Program was the hard reset I had to hit when it came to my relationship with food. Thankfully I'd already begun earlier this year working towards a more balanced life however when it came to my relationship with food and how I was nourishing myself, that was an area I needed help with BIG TIME.


hcg weight loss before
hcg weight loss before
summer dress
summer style

Top Left: My 'before', I always felt the need to cover up with long sleeves and layers and while I tried to  portray confidence I usually felt very uncomfortable and incredibly self conscious when I was out. Top Right: I now feel amazing, I'm happier, way more confident and I feel like a different person

Because the second phase of the program is very strict it really forces you to realize and face some of your unhealthy habits. It also is the perfect time to create new healthier habits. As I'm now in maintenance I'm working both alone and with a therapist to maintain those healthier habits and rebuild my relationship with food and with my body. Truth be told for my entire adult life I've never had a healthy relationship with food so as I now am working on living what is my 'new normal' it's great to have the support behind me from Lucere Dermatology and Laser Clinic but also have the confidence in myself that I'll be able to maintain my loss and continue on my journey of living a healthier and happier life. 

Now that I'm in maintenance as well I've been able to start to slowly add more foods back into my diet. I'll be sharing a bit more of what the transition from the strict diet to maintenance has looked like in a future post but today I'm happy to share my results. 

After completing phase two of the Lucere Weight Loss Program I've lost 30lbs and over 13", plus about 3 clothing sizes. I have more energy throughout the day, I'm thinking more clearly, I'm sleeping better and I feel incredible. Truthfully, although the program was strict and at times a bit difficult I wish I'd done this years ago. The difference in how I feel now is NIGHT AND DAY. In a way although it might sound a bit extreme, I truthfully feel as though I have my life back. Instead of focussing every day on how crappy I feel or dealing with the anxiety of being uncomfortable I can now go out and enjoy my life. I can't tell you guys how liberating that feels. The whole experience has truly been life changing.

I've had lots of messages asking me 'is it worth it' or 'would you recommend it to a family member or friend' and my answer is 100% yes. If you ask me, life is too short to feel negatively about yourself. For me, how I was feeling was very tied into my health and my health was poor. By losing weight and taking care of myself I feel so much healthier and ultimately happier. If you're familiar with this feeling too I highly recommend checking out Lucere Dermatology and Laser Clinic's Weight Loss Program. 

Their team is supportive, knowledgeable and creates a comfortable environment where you feel like you have a team on your side helping you reach your goals. 

summer dress
summer dress
hcg weight loss program

I want to say a HUGE thank you to the team at Lucere Dermatology and Laser Clinic. If you're in Edmonton or the surrounding area I highly recommend checking them out. Without their help and encouragement I have no doubt in my mind that I wouldn't be feeling nearly as confident, healthy and happy as I do now. 

Stay tuned, in a few weeks I'll share more details on the maintenance portion of the program and answer a few more of your questions!

summer dress
hcg weight loss program