Hello 2017!

Welcome, 2017!

I find it fitting that the new year is starting on a Sunday. Sundays have always been my prep day, my day to get organized and prepared both literally and mentally for the week ahead so starting fresh on a Sunday is setting the tone off right for 2017 if you ask me!


As I write this I’m feeling a sense of clarity and focus that I haven’t felt for a long time. Heading away to England over the holidays was exactly what I needed to get away and recharge. 2016 was a hard year. It was a great year but it was by far the most financially stressful (new house, MOH in my bestie's wedding, new car, new tires, trip to England - the list goes on….), the busiest year work wise for me and a tough year with a few family situations and personal stresses that took their toll on my health both mentally and physically.


2016 taught me some pretty good lessons. It taught me to learn to say no. It taught me to learn to put myself first; to stop caring quite so much about what other people think or expect of you and to focus on you. In 2016 I learned how to say to my friends and family that I needed my “me time”, or when things got tough, I called it “survival mode” - when I needed to put myself and my health first and I was met with understanding, support and love. My peeps are the shit.

I have a really great feeling about this new year. I already have a few things in the works that I’m SO excited about! I’ve been having a blast with Erinn over at Shop The Skinny and Kristina and I are working on something together that has been a goal of mine from day one of this blog.


So with so much excitement up ahead I wanted to start this year fresh. New blog design (what do you guys think?!), new goals, new focus. Goodbye borders on IG, goodbye to the old site, goodbye to my sparkly gold signature, goodbye to my lack of work/life balance, goodbye to not taking care of myself and living around other people's expectations. (I understand these are all easier said than done!)


Of course it’s the 1st so I’m naturally excited and as the year goes on I’ll undoubtedly slip but I hope that as the year goes along if I start to fall back into bad habits that I’ll be a bit better prepared to stop that in it’s tracks than I was this year.


So on this note I want to say thank you. Thanks for reading this little blog of mine and commenting, liking, tweeting, messaging or even just silently following along. 2016 was the best year yet for this blog and things are only looking up thanks to you!


This 'Lifestyle" section of my blog is where you’re going to find more posts like this. A bit more personal, possibly a bit more rambly but 100% unapologetically me and my thoughts. It's also where you'll find posts like my ones about finding balance, the books I love to read and other posts that just don't quite fit into a "Style" or "Beauty" or "Decor" box. I’d love to know what you’d like to see more of in the New Year as well - let me know in the comments below!