5 Beautiful Minimalist Bedrooms

As I was perusing Pinterest the other day I noticed I kept being drawn to simplistic, minimal bedrooms. Maybe the new year has me feeling like I need to keep things simple, or maybe my love of sleeping is just really shining through but these rooms kept calling my name and they're just so beautiful I couldn't resist sharing. 

Our bedroom is probably our least finished area in our house and this is exactly the vibe we're going for. You can take a peek at our current bedroom here and what our inspiration was in this post. We still have to finish some artwork and shelving and add accessories and finishing touches and as that room is my next design project on my "to do" list, these rooms will be serving as some major inspiration. 

minimalist bedroom decor

Above: I love the monochromatic color scheme in this room. There's so many textured layers that although the room is stark white, it still feels incredibly cozy. Whites and off whites work beautifully in a room when you contrast textures such as the knotted area rug, mudcloth pillows, gorgeous bedding and woven wall hanging. Of course as in almost every well decorated minimalists' room, you can't forget your pop of green! That's an absolute staple.

Below: Oh wouldn't you just love to live in this room?! The layered linens, asymmetrical frames and soothing palette all just make me want to go *aaaaahhhhh*. The hanging pendants add contrast to this soft room while the layered blankets, pillows and curtains add a softness to the space that keeps it from feeling to cold or impersonal. 

minimalist bedroom
new darlings bedroom

Above: The New Darlings are known for their incredible style so naturally I'm obsessed with this space. Are you starting to notice a pattern with these rooms? Layered textures in whites and off whites contrasted with warm wooden accents and a pop of green make for a seriously swoon worthy relaxing bedroom oasis. 

Below: My girl Kristina has decorated my dream space. Her and I are practically design twins so it's no surprise that she has the same light fixture and mirror as I do - not to mention her simplistic minimalist space is exactly the vibe I'm going for. I love the large scale black and white unframed print above the bed for some serious impact without taking away from all of the beautiful details in the room. Kristina, can I move in?! ;)

minimalist bedroom decor
mid century modern bedroom design
minimalist bedroom decor

Lastly, check out this room - probably the least "minimal" of all of the minimalist rooms in this post. I really love the floating shelves above the bed and have actually been trying to figure out where in our room we might have space for some of those. White walls, bedding and curtains create the blank canvas for the pops of personality through decor an greenery to really shine. 

What do you think of these spaces? Is minimalism your style, or are you more of a maxamilist or somewhere in between? What decor projects are you tackling in the new year?


Images via: One //  Two // Three // Four // Five & Six // Seven