Hottest Hair Trends for 2017

Well with a new year upon us so comes the itching to make a change. Whether that's changing a job, changing your decor, your hairstyle or skincare routine, there's something refreshing about mixing things up. Today, I thought I'd talk about some of the biggest hairstyle trends we'll be seeing in 2017. While I'm a big believer of "doing you" when it comes to your style and beauty and not being a slave to trends, there's no harm in trying out a new hairstyle or trend to mix up your routine. So let's get right to it, shall we?

2017 Hair Trend One: Flat Waves

Tone done the va-va voom and opt for a messier, more natural look. For best results use a flat iron or a small curling wand and don't hold the heat for too long. Prep your hair with a protecting spray and finish off with texturizing spray. My top tip for getting the best results? Curl your hair in the evening then sleep on it, when you wake up use your fingers to separate your curls and they should look perfectly messy. Sexy, wavy locks achieved!

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2017 Hair Trend Two: Center Part

The center part is taking center stage this year. Wear it with slick straight hair, wavy undone hair, or a messy updo. The best part, it's totally temporary so you can go center part one day, side part the next. I like to mix my part up some days just for a different look. You can't beat an easy beauty refresh that's as simple as that!

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2017 Hair Trend Three: The Flip

You've gotta love another seriously simple and hella sexy (if I do say so myself) look that takes zero skill to master. By parting your hair off to the far side (just use your fingers to do) you create natural volume. Va va voom hair mastered in seriously ten seconds. 

2017 hair trends

Images: One // Two // Three // Four

2017 hair trends

2017 Hair Trend Four: Bronde

I already shared my love for this color trend and the love is still strong. I'm really enjoying a warmer haircolor and have been getting a ton of compliments since I've had it done. 

bronde hair

Images: One // Two // Three // Four

As I work towards continually making my hair healthier and happier, these are a few of the products I'm loving!

Hot Hair Trends

Luxe Oribe Texture Spray // Protecting GHD Spray // Wet Brush (this is a major game changer guys!) // High Powered Flat Iron and Hair Dryer // Easy to Use Curling Wand // My latest obsession - Sahajan Hair Oil //  Herbivore Sea Mist (You might remember this spray from my beach waves hair tutorial)

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