I Love You Like XO - Bridal Shower Inspo

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Last weekend I had the pleasure of co-hosting a bridal shower for one of my besties who is getting married this June. As soon as I started thinking about her shower I knew it needed to have a bit of Beyonce as this girlfriend of mine just might possibly be one of the biggest Bey-lovin' babes I know!

When planning a wedding shower it's important to keep in mind that there's typically quite a range in the age and demographic of your guests. I had a ton of kind of saucy ideas immediately pop into mind with the Beyonce theme but then I had to think, would grandma or great aunt Sue or her godmother Betty (none of these names are legit BTW lol) approve? If not, then save that for the stagette. 

So, to find the perfect balance of Beyonce and romance, here were a few of the ideas we used.....

XO Theme

My friend had actually planned to walk down the aisle to a musician playing Beyonce's song XO so 'XO' became the unofficial theme of the day. Giant XO balloons and gold XO décor over the fireplace added the XO décor element while XO rice krispie treats were served along with the cake topped with a gold XO topper. 

XO bridal shower
XO bridal shower

Subtle Nods to Queen Bey

When planning the shower one of the first images I pinned was this one from Studio DIY. We took this as inspo and wrote some of miss Bey's more romantic lyrics on the balloons. I also printed off two "I love you like XO" prints and placed them on the fireplace with other décor and photos. Again, subtle but definitely impactful. On our e-vite we even got a little Beyonce-fied with our wording by referencing a few of her songs: "They fell CRAZY IN LOVE. He PUT A RING ON IT. Now the COUNTDOWN is on to the big day! Join us for a bridal shower celebrating........"

These more subtle touches are great because for the bride and us other Beyonce lovin' gals, we totally got the references but for those who are not all about Queen Bey, they just saw them as romantic touches for a beautiful event

studio DIY balloons
romantic bridal shower

All About the Romance

I wanted the day to be pretty and romantic, and fit with the colors and themes of the brides upcoming day. I've always wanted to make a DIY floral wall so that's exactly what I did! Stay tuned for the breakdown of exactly how I did this coming soon. In addition to the floral photo backdrop wall I made this hula hoop photo display as a cute keepsake from the day. With the extra photos I had printed, we staggered those throughout the main area for people to look at. Another pretty touch was the tassel banner I made for over the food area. You might remember I've shared two different ways to make tissue paper tassels. One using wire, and one without. I made the tissue tassels without the wire and made the gold foil ones with because they're a bit easier to work with that way. And as a last touch of romance we sprinkled pink and gold hearts all over the dessert table for a little extra bit of sparkle and romance.

DIY floral wall
DIY tissue tassels
bridal shower desserts


Lastly, we can't forget about the food. While the food had nothing to do with Beyonce (truthfully, I'm not even sure how I'd have been able to tie that in? lol) the spread was amazing and the brides sister who is an incredible cook, really outdid herself. We had curried egg salad sandwiches, prosciutto fig and arugula sandwiches, charcuterie platters, and more. And the desserts were equally delicious and beautiful. Edible glitter was used to paint X's and O's onto the macarons, heart shaped sugar cookies were dipped into pink chocolate and rice krispie X and O treats were just a few of the tasty treats we had on hand. 

floral ice cubes
bridal shower food
charcuterie platter

So just a little bridal shower inspo for you today. I'll be sharing the DIY floral photo backdrop soon so stay tuned....