Lash and Brow Beauty Tips

rapidlash and rapidbrow review

This post was sponsored by RapidLash & RapidBrow as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Today I thought I'd talk a bit about lash and brow health. If you'd told me a few years ago that my eyebrows would become such a big deal to me I probably would have laughed at you but fast forward to today, my brows are one of my largest areas of focus when it comes to my beauty routine. Also, is it just me, or does it drive you nuts when you see men with long luscious lashes that takes you layers of mascara to achieve?! Since these two facial features have become an area of focus for me with my beauty regime, I thought I'd share a few lash and brow health and enhancing tips to consider for your own routine!

Let's start with the lashes, shall we? My first lash health tip is to remove your mascara every night! 

Now don't get me wrong, I've been guilty of the occasional pass out before I remove my makeup faux pas but let me tell you, that beauty blunder can be more damaging than you realize! Sleeping with your makeup on has obvious detrimental effects to your skin however what you might not realize is that sleeping with your mascara can damage your eyelashes greatly. When you sleep with mascara on, it can cause the eyelashes to become dry and brittle, break and even cause them to shed faster. That's a no go if you're trying to achieve long and luscious lashes. 

Over the past few months the other lash enhancing beauty tip I've been trying is using RapidLash every night before bed. To make sure I use it, I've been keeping it on my bedside table to apply nightly after I remove my makeup. RapidLash contains key ingredients such as biotin, amino acids, soybean oil and pumpkin seed extract that help to condition, moisturize and enhance the appearance of your brows. I felt good using RapidLash because it's fragrance and paraben free, it's not tested on animals and it's opthalmologist and dermatologist tested. 

Over the past 8 weeks I've been using this serum and as you can see, it's really helped to enhance the look of my lashes! My lashes appear fuller, more enhanced and I've been enjoying the extra oomph my lashes have taken on after using RapidLash. 

eyelash and eyebrow serum for growth

Next let's move onto the brows. The first (and likely obvious) tip I have for achieving full and beautiful brows is not to over-tweeze! Oh man, I just cringe when I see pictures of incredibly thin and over-plucked brows. Full brows are beautiful, frame your face and can completely change your whole look! So, how do we get these big, beautiful brows? Well, one change I made in my routine over the past two months is incorporating RapidBrow into my daily beauty routine. 

Much like RapidLash, RapidBrow was super easy to incorporate into my daily routine. An easy to use wand was simple to swipe onto my brows every night then go to bed and wait for the results to happen! RapidBrow is also fragrance and paraben free, dermatologist and opthalmologist tested and contains key ingredients including biotin, keratin, apple fruit cell extract and sweet almond extract among others to support voluminous, full and healthy brows.  Over the past 8 weeks I've noticed my brows appearing fuller and I love how they look!

What's so great about these products aside from the results is they're accessible and affordable at Shoppers Drug Mart. Plus, from May 21-28 you can earn 5x the Shoppers Optimum Points on your purchase. (And let's be honest, who doesn't love those points for picking up free beauty goodies!?) Intrigued? Learn more by checking out RapidLash and RapidBrow for more information!

What are your lash and brow beauty tips?

RapidLash and RapidBrow review