Make The Most Of Your Guest Room With These Inspired Ideas

Guest rooms. Do they have a purpose? Apart from the obvious as a place for your guests to stay. Sometimes those rooms can be left unused for weeks and months at a time. Is it a complete waste of a room? In some ways, it can be. This is because a guest room can be anything and have multiple uses. The issue is trying to get all of those uses out of the one room, instead of it being for one specific purpose. Which is why I thought I would share with you some inspired ideas to help you make the most out of your guest room.


Get rid of the bed


It may sound counterproductive, but getting rid of the bed will save you a tonne of space. But what happens when you have guests to stay? Easy. Consider a sofa bed instead. There are some great options to consider on websites like This makes the room have multiple uses already. Having the sofa made up that way means it can be a seating area, a place to read or just a place to relax in. Then pull it out as a bed for when you have guests to stay. Simple.

Many people would like a desk area to work on. Especially someone like myself who blogs. A desk area not only gives you space to work, but it could also be the place where your technology lives. You can have a computer or laptop set up. Maybe invest in a printer. Or even store your cameras on it. It can be a place to work or a place to store things. Perhaps things like your bills or paperwork that requires your attention. Leaving the rest of your home clutter free.


Storage solutions will become your best friend


A guest bedroom could also be a playroom for children, a reading area for you, or even just a place where other items have a home. Keeping the rest of your place clean and tidy. With excellent storage solutions in place, all of these options will be available. You will just need to figure out how you want to use the space. Shelves and storage boxes are the main storage options people tend to consider. Check out for some storage ideas.

Zone out the room for different uses


If the room is big enough, you could even consider having zones for different things. It’s easy to do this in the way of decoration and also where you place things. Perhaps have shelves filled with books and a chair to signify a reading nook. Or a desk area with boxes of storage and files to signify a work area.


Decorate it neutrally to make it a diverse space


Finally, to make the most of a space and give the impression of a bigger room, try and keep your decoration neutral. This is a great styling tip and allows your mind to use the room in different ways, instead of being distracted by a strong decor.


I hope this inspires you to make more out of your guest room.


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