Why I Love Online Shopping

I've said it before and I'll say it again- I LOVE online shopping. I buy my groceries online (thanks SPUD!), I buy skincare and beauty products online, I buy my furniture and decor online and obvioiusly, I buy my clothes online too. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy shopping in stores as well but given the choice, I'd likely choose shopping online over going to a store most of the time (with the exception of small local boutiques). 

Many people laugh at me or don't understand why I'm such an online addict but I'm here today to share a few reasons why I love to shop online. 

Top 5 Reasons Why I Love to Shop Online

1. I can take my sweet time

Shopping online means there's no pressure to buy right away. If you're in a physical store and are deciding if you want something, you also need to factor in that if you leave it behind and decide you want it later, you'll need to drive back for it. Online I can find an item, see if they have it in my size and color, put it in my shopping cart and then think on it. I'm not rushed to make a decision right away. 

2. No lines, no crowds, no traffic

For me this is the biggest incentive for shopping online. I hate long lines. I hate big crowds and I hate getting caught in traffic. This is probably because I have little patience for delays (not one of my finest qualities) but the biggest bonus for me to shop online is not having to deal with any of these issues. No one gets in your way, no one crowds the sweater table and there's no long lineups to wait in just to buy a candle. 

3. Some brands or small businesses are only sold online

In this modern day, some brands are choosing to opt out of the brick and mortar business and sell online only. Take MinkPink as an example. Also, many small businesses or independent shops can't afford a physical location so selling online makes the most financial sense. Sites like Etsy are absolute goldmines and some of my favourite sites to shop. Plus you can feel good that you're supporting a small independent business. 

4. I can shop in my pj's, drinking wine, wearing a face mask

Ummm, does this one even need any explanation. Can anyone tell me they've ever gone to the mall in their pj's, without a bra, wearing a face mask and drinking wine? I'm thinking not. On the other hand, this is quite often how I do my online shopping and I can tell you it's glorious. Give it a try once and you'll be hooked. 

5. Discounts and price comparisons

Even as I've been shopping online recently for pieces for my new home I'm still surprised at the deals you can find. I found an area rug that I wanted for $750 which was more than I wanted to spend. I googled the area rug name and product number and found it online for less than $300!! Also, while they might be a little annoying at first, don't shut down any popups - many sites have popup windows offering discounts if you sign up to their newsletter (which you can always immediately unsubscribe to - just sayin'). By using those discount codes I've saved hundreds of dollars on my new house purchases alone! 

So, have I sung online shopping's praises enough for you to give it a try? If you're a frequent online shopper like me, what are some of your favourite sites?