Taking Time

Hello everyone! I'm back haha

My two week blog and social media break is over and I'm ready to hit the ground running again with 204 Park. I've talked before about how crazy the past few months have been and with moving into our new home two weeks ago, I underestimated just how tiring and time consuming moving is. However, in addition to moving and organising and unpacking I've also spent the past two weeks blogging, writing and preparing,  dreaming and scheming behind the scenes. There have been some really exciting developments going on that I can't wait to share with you over the coming months. 

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There have been so many great things I've been up to over the past months but I've been too busy to share them so this week I'm back in business and ready to tell you a bit more about them. I've got wedding posts planned after wrapping up my MOH duties at the end of June. I've got some local love to give to Candace Wolfe and Poppy Barley. I've got #204ParkHouseBuild updates to fill you guys in on, a few giveaways planned and more! 

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It's taken me much longer than I thought it would to get to the place where I'm ready again to give my full energy back to this blog but what I've really learned over the past few months is that being kind to yourself is incredibly important. I've tried to allow myself the time and space and break I needed to rest after such a hectic few months. So, thanks for your patience and I hope you're ready and excited for what's ahead for 204 Park. Thanks for reading friends! Much love <3 



PS - I'm on snapchat now! Late to the party much?! lol

Confession: This is the 5th time I've downloaded snapchat- every time before I deleted it because it freaked me out! haha However, I'm with the program now and I'll be sharing more over there so head over and give me a follow if you're interested. Username: d_tidswell, because snap sucks and won't let you start your username with '204' - boo. hahah

canadian lifestyle blog

PPS I just couldn't handle how cute this photo was (above). Herman is obviously very interested in what's going on with the laptop! #bloggingbuddy