Moon Ritual with Pura Botanicals

Today I want to talk about something a little bit different than my usual beauty posts - we're going to talk about the moon. I know, what?! haha Some of you might be thinking I'm totally off my rocker but for those who know me personally, you know I'm all about trying to understand the energy that changes with the moon and that these things tend to affect my own mood and behaviour.  Plus, seeing as it's a full moon tonight, this was the perfect time to share a bit about the moon's cycles and how I'm using Pura to help balance my emotional well being throughout the changing cycles. Consider yourself warned - if this kind of spiritual goodness isn't your jam, then today's post probably won't be either! ha!

No joke, for the past few years when things in my life seem to be going a little crazy or I feel like I'm in a bit of a weird funk the first thing I always check is what's going on with the moon. Whether or not you buy into the moon's cycle affecting your mood or energy (*cough cough - James thinks I'm nuts! lol) for myself and for several others that I know, anytime there's a change with the moon we can definitely feel it. That being said for me,  I've never felt that it's affected me in a positive way. After speaking to others who say that a full moon is a positive energy boost for them, I've decided to try to change my own experiences when it comes to how the moon affects my emotional well being. *Side note - (again, if you're into this sort of thing...) my zodiac sign is Cancer  which draws its energy by the moon, so it makes sense that I feel the changes in the moon's cycle so strongly. 

Enter - Pura Botanicals. In speaking to my girl Justine, she let me know that Pura Botanicals (made right here in Edmonton!) has a line of elixirs made to help with exactly this situation so obviously I had to grab them! There are three Mists from Pura to coincide with different moon cycles or to use depending on the energy you're looking to enhance. 

pura botanicals

1. The New Moon*

DETAILS: The New Moon is the magical first phase of the moon cycle. It is a symbolic time for new beginnings, and to set intentions for things we’d like to create, cultivate and manifest. 
RITUAL: Spritz our New Moon Mist on your the pulse points, and heart-center throughout the day. Anoint yourself and your sacred area by misting this potion, while manifesting your affirmations. This handcrafted potion, with aphrodisiac vanilla and lilac, earthy dark patchouli and bittersweet Brazilian tangerine can be used to add sensorial significance to your New Moon rituals. These oils ground and center your energy, inspiring you to refresh your dreams and desires.

The next New Moon is October 19, 2017

pura botanicals

2. The Blood Moon*

DETAILS: The Blood Moon cycle is about a woman’s energy and power to restore, receive, and heal. This is a time to step back from the chaos of the external world. Rituals like candle ceremonies, meditation, and soaking in soothing oils, will restore inner balance and harmony. Be inspired to create your own moonlodge or red tent, which is as much a state of mind as a physical space. 
RITUAL: Spritz our Blood Moon Mist pulse points, and heart-center throughout the day. Blood is the life force that flows through your physical body. Embrace this time. For everything there is a place and need, a time for every purpose under the moon. Use this misting potion of bergamot, blood orange, luxurious cocoa absolute, ancient frankincense, cinnamon bark, gardenia, and French lavender to tap into feminine power, fertility and creativity.

The next Blood Moon is January 31, 2018

pura botanicals

3. The Full Moon*

DETAILS: The full moon affects our emotional energy with its magnetic pull, and is when spiritual energies facilitate a closer unity between Humans and the Divine. This is a time to release that which no longer serves you, what you no longer need in your life, or an aspect of yourself you have outgrown. It inspires needed changes in our consciousness. 
RITUAL: Spritz our Full Moon Mist on your pulse points, and heart-center throughout the day. Cleanse and re-energize yourself with this handcrafted aromatherapy potion. Share the desires of your heart with the moon. Rose geranium, soothing chamomile, earthy cedarwood, rosewood, euphoric vanilla, ylang ylang and smoky, balsamic vetiver embody the full moon energy, and promote a deep sense of connection and release.

The next Full Moon is tonight! After that, Nov 3, 2017

pura botanicals


So, for this full moon and as the moon phases change instead of feeling scattered and overwhelmed my focus is going to be on feeling grounded, connected and calm. As a part of staying grounded and focussed I'll be using my Pura Full Moon Ritual as well as taking a few quiet moments to set intentions for the new phase and our new month of October. 


*Source - Information via Pura Botanicals

pura botanicals
pura botanicals