Warm Mulled Apple Cider

Hello friends and happy Friday! Today I'm sharing another post with my girl Kira from Northern Style Exposure and we've got another perfect-for-fall drink for you - a warm mulled apple cider. For those of us in Canada, this weekend we're celebrating thanksgiving and today I'm sharing a tasty drink that would be just perfect served with fall's favourite meal! Also, while I enjoy this drink with a bit of rum, you can also serve it without alcohol as a warm and toasty non alcoholic beverage too. 

To start you'll need...

4 litres of apple cider

3-4 tbsp Mulling Spices

1-2 apples

Optional - dark rum or brandy 

Here's the how to...

The simplest way to make this cider is with a crock pot (although if you don't have one, stove top will work if you're at home to supervise a full day of low and slow heating)

Pour the cider, your mulling spices and a few chopped apples (optional) into your crockpot and leave on low for about 4 hours

Once your cider has heated and mulled away serve it up just as is or add a bit of dark rum for a grown up kick ;)

To me a warm cup of mulled apple cider is so quintessentially fall so you better believe I'll be making some of this again over the upcoming weeks. What's your favourite fall drink? 

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