My Bright and Happy Office

Of all of the ever changing rooms in our house I think my office has to be my favourite! It's the one room where I don't need to pass my design ideas by James before implementing and it's a space I spend a TON of time in. Because of this my room needs to be both beautiful (because a girl's gotta stay inspired!) and of course functional. 

This room has already seen quite a few little tweaks and changes in the time we've been in this home but I really feel like we're finally perfecting the form meets function of this space with this current set up. 

When we brought the Calla from The Brick into our living room I got a ton of questions about it and for those of you who DM'd or emailed me about it I mentioned that the Calla sofa was actually planned for my office long term, and the living room short term. 

Because of the smaller scale of the Calla it's perfect as a secondary sofa in a living room or as a main seating option in smaller spaces such as a home office. Occasionally I like to switch up my working position (this girl can only sit at a desk for so long before feeling stir crazy) so having the Calla in my office to mix things up a bit (and cuddle with Herman) is fabulous! 

The small scale, clean lines and modern look fit perfectly with the modern meets feminine vibe of the rest of the pieces in my office! For now I've put together a makeshift gallery wall above the sofa but stay tuned for a different DIY for that space if I ever manage to find the time to get myself organized enough to make that happen! haha #reallife

Anyways, I hope you love scrolling through my happy pretty place as much as I do, this room makes me smile every time I walk into it!


pink modern office
sofa in home office
DIY gallery wall
feminine home office
sofa in home office

ABOVE: The Bexley Filing Cabinet is such a versatile piece, it works well as a filing cabinet next to my desk and a side table with storage next to the sofa!

BELOW: I get tons of questions about faux plants - this faux fig tree is from The Brick! The Brick has a TON of accessories in store that aren't online. They get in new stock all the time and every store is different so go check them out next time you need accessories!

small grey sofa
modern feminine office
sofa in home office
gallery wall above sofa
pink modern office
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