Design Crush: The Chilton Ottoman, 4 Ways

Do you ever come across a design piece that you love so much that you find yourself coming back to it time and time again? For me, that's what's happened with The Brick's Chilton Leather Ottoman. The versatility of this piece has made it a staple in quite a few of my projects lately. 

Any time I'm designing a space I try to look for multifunctional pieces. Items that can function in multiple ways are always great purchases and the Chilton Ottoman is definitely one of those pieces. Used as seating, a footrest, makeshift bench, coffee table or side table, these are ottomans that definitely give you the bang for your buck so today I thought I'd share 4 ways you could incorporate these pieces into your own home!

four ways to use a leather ottoman in your home

1. Side Table

Because this ottoman is actually quite firm, it can function perfectly as a side table! If you're planning to place drinks on it I'd recommend a small tray or coaster at the least but these would function perfectly as a small side table. When you have ottomans such as these as your side table it's very easy to move them for a footrest or additional seating if need be. 

I love the Teal color paired with neutrals and lots of textures for a striking feature! In my #modernmeetscountry client home, we used two of the black chilton ottomans as side tables. They paired beautifully next to the Gena sectional and made for the perfect piece to layer into the cozy space. 

eclectic living room plan
ottoman as side table
ottoman side table
modern rustic side table

2. Coffee Table

In a smaller space, using two of these ottomans is a great alternative to a traditional coffee table. The curved lines work well to allow for better flow of traffic and the fact that you can separate and move them is perfect functionally in a smaller room. When Kristina and I decorated the Glenora House living room together we used two of these ottomans together as a pseudo coffee table! Add a tray on top for sturdy usage but without a tray they also work really well for a footrest when you're relaxing and watching tv or reading a book!

contemporary living room
ottomans for coffee table
ottoman as coffee table

3. Foot of Bed

Instead of a bench at the end of the bed, try using two of these together for an added stylish touch and as functional seating. We almost ordered these in the gorgeous mustard color for the glenora house master bedroom but opted for the Aldo bench instead but how great do these mustard ottomans look in this mock up?! 

These ottomans look best paired with a more traditional style of bed so in my own room rather than at the foot of the bed, I use mine as the seat I use when I put on my makeup every morning. See - so many different ways to use this piece!

bedroom with yellow accent
eclectic bedroom


4. Front Entry Seating

Since changing up our front entry we removed our bench so placing two of these ottomans under the console table is a great way to tuck away some practical seating for when you need to sit down and deal with footwear. The Chilton ottomans are large enough that they're incredibly comfortable and sturdy to use as seating so not only do they look fabulous, but they function really well also in a front entry. 

monochromatic front entry design
front entry with ottoman


See, isn't it great to find a piece that can work in so many ways?! Which color is your fave? 

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