Outdoor Summer Survival + A Giveaway

natural bug repellent and sunscreen
natural sunscreen and bug spray

I love the summer for so many reasons but I won't lie, it' snot always sunshine and roses during the warm weather months. The long hot days can lead to sunburn, and let's not talk about my number one nemesis - mosquitos.

I'm that person who the mosquitos LOVE. Like so much so that if you're around me, don't even worry about bug spray because the mosquitos will be leaving you alone to keep biting at me! haha SO, it's for that reason I've always been hesitant to try natural mosquito repellent. I've never been convinced it would work well enough. But as time goes on and the more aware I become of the products I use, the more I wanted to try a natural alternative.

So, when Pure Essentials reached out to me and I saw they carried a natural repellent, I knew I needed to give it a try! After a few weeks of testing it out in Banff, Elk Island and the river valley I can tell you that it works! The Forest Spray uses Lemon Eucalyptus (proven to be more effective than DEET) along with 10 0ther essential oils to keep critters at bay and not only does it work, it smells SO much better than traditional bug spray. 

In addition to trying out the Forest Spray I've also used the Beach Balm sunscreen, the Bug Eeze itch relief balm (because ya know, sometimes I forget to use the Forest Spray lol) and the Critter Candle and I love them! 

The Beach Balm is a cream sunscreen that provides not only protection from UVA & UVB rays but also nourishes and moisturizes the skin. I don't leave home without the Bug Eeze to soothe any bites I get and the critter candle has saved James and I on a few nights outside thanks to the bug repelling essential oils. 

Pure Essentials products are handmade right here in Edmonton using high quality ingredients that are organic, ethically sourced and eco conscious. Rachel and Jayleen have created a line of health and beauty products that you can feel good about using and I want to give one of you to get your hands on these summer survival products too! Head on over to my IG page for your chance to enter to win these summer essentials + for contest details. Good luck! :)

natural sunscreen
natural sunscreen
natural bug repellent