Park Picks 10.05.18

Well September was admittedly a bit of a bust for #ParkPicks (oops!)

As I mentioned earlier this week, September was such a busy month that I had to drop a few of the ‘non-essentials’ and well, unfortunately that meant Park Picks. However, the silver lining is that for each week that’s passed there have been things I’ve wanted to include that I just didn’t get the time to write about SO I have A LOT of catching up to do with my picks. So let’s get right back into it, the first Park Picks for October….

The Edmonton Made Gifted Catalogue

Edmonton Made Gifted Catalogue

Your girl was lucky enough to be one of the panelists to actually select the items in the catalogue this year (SO cool!) so I might be a bit biased but it’s safe to say I LOVE what the Gifted Catalogue is all about. If you’re not familiar with it, this catalogue is FULL of a ton of incredible local Edmonton makers and shops and is a collection of the best that Edmonton has to offer when it comes to shopping local! The best part? You can shop it all online too! Click here to shop this year’s catalogue!

October Self Care Challenge From Nutrition in the Kitch and Organized with Kids

My good friend Christal from NITK and her sister Sarah from Organized with Kids have organized an October Self Care Challenge that could not have come at a better time! Nestled between the wind down from the busy summer and just before the lead up of the hectic holiday season, October is the perfect month to take a bit of time for some self care to get you through the rest of the year feeling like your best self. These tips are helpful and totally do-able and a good reminder to take time to slow down and show yourself some love! Get the FREE guide HERE!

self care challenge

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Homebody Tee

If there were ever a t-shirt that could embody my fall motto it’s this one! haha In all seriousness though, all of these shirts and sweaters from Proper Tee (by Chris loves Julia so naturally they’re amazing) are right up my alley. Casual, cozy and super cute! Which one would be your pick?

homebody t-shirt

Dr Death Podcast

My last pick for the week is the podcast I literally binge listened to in one day! haha If you were a fan of Dirty John then you’ll love Dr Death. This podcast blew my damn mind, I couldn’t quite believe what I was listening to and as it’s a 6 part series it’s a quick listen to that’s definitely worth adding to your list!

dr death podcast