Let's Talk: Podcasts, Part Two

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Well it’s been just about a year since I shared my first post talking about podcasts. I had only just begun getting into podcasts and since then I have done A LOT of listening. In fact, podcasts have become as much a part of my daily routine as my morning coffee! haha

I now listen to podcasts while I work, drive, cook, clean and when I’m relaxing. I listen to podcasts now more than I listen to music and I find it to be incredibly relaxing, entertaining and informative.

In my first post I shared some of the podcasts I was loving at the time and to recap, those were:

Serial (Season 1)

My Dad Wrote a Porno


Guys we F**ked

Dirty John

Since then, I’ve really expanded on the shows I listen to so today, I thought I’d share some of the new shows I’m loving and why and - as I did before, I’m going to ask for some of your recommendations and favourites! Let me know your favourite podcasts in the comments below!


The Risk! Podcast has easily become one of my favourite podcasts that I listen to every week. After binge listening to every episode that’s available (yup, that happened! lol) I now eagerly await each episode. Every episode is totally different and you never know what you’e going to get but what you can count on are stories that you will consistently love. The Risk podcast is a storytelling podcast and each episode usually has a few stories told by every day people (or occasionally celebrities too) that range from funny to heartbreaking, heartwarming to terrifying and every emotion in between. I think Risk is my favourite podcast because they’re real stories about real life. Some of them you’ll be able to relate to but many of them offer perspectives from people living different lives and in different circumstances. I highly recommend giving this podcast a try! (Side note- this podcast can get a bit racy at times which often leads to very interesting and often hilarious stories but is probably not appropriate if you have little ones around!)

risk! podcast

Second Life

I’ve just recently started listening to Second Life but it only took one episode to get me hooked. Second Life is a podcast where female entrepreneurs are interviewed about their businesses and how they came to ‘make it’ in their ‘second lives’, highlighting that career changes can come at any stage in our lives. A few of the episodes I especially loved were with Emily Henderson, Lauren Conrad and Jen Gotch (of ban.do). If you’re looking for female driven business inspiration, this is your podcast.

second life podcast

Missing: Richard Simmons

Just like I enjoy binge-ing on Netflix, I’m always on the lookout for a binge-able podcast and this was one I loved! Missing: RIchard Simmons is a 6 part podcast that covers the story of one man who goes on the hunt to find out ‘what happened to Richard Simmons’ after he instantly and mysteriously ‘disappeared’ from the public eye. Overnight Richard Simmons stepped away from his fitness studio, became housebound and stopped speaking to lifelong friends. I actually had no idea about any of this (and more of the details you’ll learn) before starting the podcast but I found the series to be very entertaining. So much so that I finished this series in less than 2 days! haha

missing: richard simmons podcast

TED Radio Hour

If you love TED talks then you’ll love TED Radio Hour. My bestie got me into this podcast and I love it because there are so many interesting topics to listen to. The TED Radio Hour podcast basically chooses a theme or subject to delve into and then brings in TED talks and the speakers of those talks and interviews them to get deeper into the subject. If you like informative podcasts that cover a variety of topics, then this one’s for you!

ted radio hour podcast


Lastly, I wanted to mention Dr Death & Teacher’s Pet again. I talked about them both in past Park Picks posts but if you’re a fan of true crime, story driven podcasts I highly recommend them both!

Now let me know your favourite podcasts in the comments below!

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