Let's Talk: Podcasts

Happy Wednesday everyone! Okay so today I want to talk about Podcasts. First off I want to acknowledge that yes I realize I'm like 10+ years late to the party here (lol!) but over the past few months I've become a little bit obsessed with podcasts.

It all started in the summer when I felt a bit bored listening to music all the time working from home. I wanted something interesting and informative to listen to in the background to keep my mind occupied for the hours I spend every day working on the blog, editing photos, sending emails, etc. So, I googled a few podcasts and started to get into incorporating different podcast series and episodes into my work days. It wasn't until I binged hard on Serial (season one, couldn't get into season two) that I'd say the obsession began though. I freaking LOVED following along with the story of Serial and James and I got so into it (only a few years late haha). So, post Serial I found myself left with the feeling after you binge a show on Netflix and know that you have to wait forever until the next season, or the feeling you get when you finish a really great book - what next?

best podcasts

Recommended to me by a good friend was the podcast My Dad Wrote A Porno which did not disappoint. TOTALLY different from Serial, My Dad Wrote A Porno is a podcast where the son of a man who has written a terrible pornographic novel series reads one chapter per week with his two friends by his side, giving commentary and adding humorous footnotes to the worst novel probably ever written - porn genre aside! lol This podcast had me legitimately laughing out loud to myself in my car by myself (only slightly embarrassing when you catch strangers staring at you for looking like a psycho while you're driving). I can't say enough good things about this podcast if you're looking for a good laugh. That being said, this wasn't really a podcast to work to - it was too funny and distracting so it became my driving podcast. I think this is a given with the name but obviously this isn't one to listen to with kids around - highly adult content haha

When I finished My Dad Wrote A Porno, I was yet again left trying to find another podcast to get into. Enter: S-Town. Yes I know I'm stating all of the heavy hitters here but maybe these are good entry level podcasts? I became immediately immersed into the story of S-Town and confession: I actually listened to a few episodes on my solo flight to Las Vegas at the end of September and found myself crying alone on the plane listening - can you say embarrassing?! haha

Once I finished S-Town I listened to a few episodes of My Favourite Murder (which I liked but didn't love, maybe I just need to give it more time??), Guys We F***ed which took me a little while to get into but is really hilarious and the feminist in me likes the idea of speaking more openly about women and sexuality but then I was recommended the podcast Dirty John. You guys, I think I'm starting to figure out the kind of podcast that immediately draws me in. I listened to Dirty John all in one day and as soon as James got home I told him he needed to start! 

So, why am I rambling on about podcasts? Well - I need your help! I'm looking for suggestions for podcasts of all types! I want business podcasts, comedy podcasts, true crime podcasts and human interest podcasts like Dirty John and S-Town. Send me all of your recommendations because it's safe to say I'm hooked and I'd love to know what you like to listen to! Leave me a comment, shoot me an email or DM or holla at me on Twitter or FB (does anyone even use FB anymore?! haha). However works for you, I'd love to hear your suggestions and add more podcasts to my list to listen to!

Thanks guys! xo

best podcasts
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