How to Grow Your Own Fig Tree: Part Two

Can you believe it was  6 months ago that I first shared my post about growing your own fig tree from a cutting?! Time flies! In case you missed it, over the past 7/8 months I've been attempting to grow new fig trees from cuttings that I took earlier this year from my own fully grown fig tree. I wrote in detail about the process of taking the cutting and rooting the leaves so you can read more about that here. Today, I want to share a bit of an update on where things are at 5/6 months later. 

I won't lie you guys, growing your own fig tree is a sloooow process haha. These photos were taken about a month ago and things are a little further ahead on one of the cuttings but because I took mostly single leaf cuttings (instead of cutting off two leaves), the process is much slower. That being said I've learned that fig trees lie dormant in the winter even when they're indoors which explains the massive growth spurt my fully grown plant and two of my cuttings went through over the summer. 

When we last left things with my fig cuttings, I had planted two cuttings into each pot. After about 3-4 months of them planted together I decided to separate each plant into their own pot and truthfully, that's when we noticed a huge growth spurt in a few of the plants. As of today my largest cutting in the photo below (with 4 leaves) now has 5 leaves with a 6th leaf ready to open any day now - that one is definitely my most successful cutting. The other cutting that's doing really well is my cutting that had 2 leaves when I cut it off. The other two single leaves truthfully show no further signs of growth so who knows how long those will take!

So, how have I been managing to keep these guys going? While I'm no green thumb expert, here's what I've found

Find a warm sunny spot

Keep them in the sunlight as long as possible

Water about 1x per week, or when they get dry

So, here we are, 7/8 months after cutting the first few leaves off of my tree and I have two little guys that are growing quickly and two that are still single leaves - they've certainly taken quite a bit of time but every day the two plants that are doing well, seem to be growing more! 

February will be 1 year from taking my first cutting so I'll make sure to post an update then with where we're at and if my two single leaves will have grown at all! If you have any tips for me let me know in the comments below! I'm doing my best to keep these babies alive! haha 

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growing a fig tree from a cutting