Sweet Summer & 10 Facts About Me!

pink skirt crop top

A lot has changed with this little blog of mine over the years. I used to share quite a few outfit posts but lately it seems that lifestyle and decor has taken over. So that being said, when I manage to snag enough photos that are passable for a fashion blog post I sometimes draw a blank. What should I talk about? Do you really want to hear me ramble about shoes or a skirt for 500 words? So that means that I think it's time to turn to my "go-to" blogging topic when I want to share some pretty photos but am not quite sure what to write along with them... so without further ado, here's another edition of 10 Facts About Me! (See part one and part two here)

1. I have an irrational fear of birds 

Actually, I'm pretty much skittish around anything that flies (I feel like they have an advantage haha) but birds in particular give me the heebie jeebies. Let's chalk it up to a few semi-traumatizing experiences with our own family bird and my uncle's birds that came in for an attack one too many times and now in my opinion, birds just can't be trusted. 

2. I talk in my sleep

I used to walk and talk in my sleep ALL THE TIME. When I get particularly stressed out, it seems to get worse. As I've gotten older the frequency at which I talk in my sleep seems to be decreasing but back in the day, I'd hold a conversation with you in my sleep! (Mostly gibberish of course, but still crazy!)

pink midi skirt and crop top

3. I'm a cancer to a tee

If you're into astrology or the zodiac signs then chances are you know that cancer's tend to be incredibly emotional and sensitive and that is me to a tee. I value my relationships around me and tend to take care of others before I take care of myself (I'm working on that) and also like a cancer, I can definitely be a bit moody (haha!), although that side of me is usually only reserved for James, poor guy! 

4. I cry at EVERYTHING on tv/the internet 

So remember when I said I was a little bit emotional...well, lord help me if a sad video pops up on my facebook feed because the tears just come flowing and they can't be stopped! I've been known to cry at commercials, christmas songs, a sappy photo caption and basically anything with even an iota of emotion that gets shared on the internet. It's become a bit of a running joke in our house!

summer outfit skirt and crop top
pink skirt and crop top

5. The only music I don't like is country music

I grew up listening to very eclectic music thanks to my parents but the only music I've never been able to get into is country music. Sorry fellow Albertans, I just can't do it!

6. I name all of my vehicles 

James couldn't believe when we bought our first vehicle together when I turned to him to say "so what should we name him?!". I've named all of my vehicles I've ever owned - from my first Jeep Cherokee (Big Bertha), to my little red Ford Focus (Dora), our VW Tiguan (Denzel) and my Fiat 500 (Fiona, or FiFi for short ;)) Tell me I'm not the only one who does this?!

pink midi skirt

7. Peonies have always been my favourite flowers

Before the age of IG and the rise of the peony, peonies were my favourite flower. In high school a friend of mine would cut me fresh peonies from her parents' garden as soon as they bloomed and she'd bring them to me because she knew I loved them so much! So while I might just appear a bit #basic now when I share my peony photos, know that my love runs deep for those big beautiful flowers!

8. I'm missing a ton of shit from our move, even though it was over a year ago now!

So confession time, James and I have lived in our new home for just over a year now and I'm missing SO much stuff! Shoes, purses, lamps, accessories...I have NO idea where they are!! We went through all of our bins (so I thought) when we unpacked so either a few bins got left behind or else some of my favourite goodies are buried in our basement. Either way, they're basically MIA for good - maybe one day I'll find them again! haha

pink skirt and crop top

9.  Bath time is my happy time

Self care is so important and no matter how busy I get I try to set aside 30 minutes every day to run a bubble bath and either grab a book and a glass of wine or watch an episode of whatever show I'm binge-ing on netflix on my ipad. No word of a lie, it's usually my favourite time of the day. No phone, no stress, just me time. 

10. Despite what you might think, my favourite color is NOT pink!

Shocking, I know haha While I love to fill the blog and my IG feed with all shades of pink, blues are actually my favourite color. Most of my closet and a lot of my decor is actually all in shades of blue and in an old house of mine, I actually painted the entire main floor robin's egg blue! (It was awesome!)

pink skirt crop top

Now just because I didn't go on and on about my clothes in this post doesn't mean I don't want to share a bit of love! 

Top - Paper Crown (sold out but this one is similar, as is this one) // Skirt // Shoes // Mezzi Purse w/built in Phone Charger (yes you read that right!)

These photos were snapped at Rowena's Inn in Harrison Mills which was so incredibly beautiful. We only stayed for one short day/night which was definitely not enough. Read more about my stay here and if you have a chance to go I highly recommend it!

pink skirt and crop top
pink skirt and crop top
pink midi skirt