Stocking Stuffers 101: How to Fill the Ultimate Stocking with London Drugs

With Christmas just over 10 days away (holy cow how did that happen?!), it's time to start thinking about stuffing those stockings. James and I don't usually exchange gifts anymore (more to come on that in a post next week) but we do always fill a stocking for one another. It's my favourite thing to do actually - going out to find things that I know he'll love, from small practical items to more extravagant - in my opinion, finding great stocking stuffers is SO much fun, and I almost always get carried away! haha

Growing up, our stockings always contained a wide variety of items. There were some items my mom would put in there that we'd come to expect every year and then there were always a few surprises. Today I thought I'd break down 'Stocking Stuffer 101' - kind of a how-to for what I love to receive in my own stocking and what I always put in James'. Now because truthfully the stocking stuffers usually get left a little last minute and it's such a busy time of year I like to make my stocking stuffer shopping a one stop shop. For years I've always shopped at London Drugs to pick up everything I need to fill up our holiday stockings! So, when London Drugs reached out to me to partner for the holidays I was so excited because hey, it's already where I do my shopping every year so how perfect is that?! London Drugs carries a HUGE variety of items, from entertaining (think glassware, small appliances), to beauty and skincare (for men and women), tech (cameras, gadgets, fitbits), home decor, food and snacks and more!

Okay, so let's break down my 'Stocking Stuffer 101' - then let me know in the comments below, are these items similar to what you usually give/receive in your stockings? What are some of your favourite stocking stuffers? And just FYI - everything I picked up below for the stockings (minus the mandarin oranges) are from London Drugs!! 

The Tradition

In our family it was always tradition to receive a mandarin orange in our stocking. Usually the first thing to go in so it sits in the 'toe' of the stocking, it's what we'd snack on before opening our gifts and while we waited for our breakfast to bake in the oven (remember I shared our Christmas morning recipe here?!). We also would usually get an ornament in our stockings and gifting ornaments in our family is a tradition we have every year - I have a lifetime's worth of ornaments from my aunt that mean so much to me! This year, I picked up pretty white and silver pinecone ornaments that also double as great decor (win-win if you ask me!).


In addition to the orange - we'd always have lots of chocolate and other goodies in our stockings! I am obsessed with the Prana nut mixes so I usually pick up at least one or two of those for James' stocking as well as some other chocolate and this year, I snagged him a jumbo Reese's Peanut Butter Cup! (I can't wait to help him eat that one! haha). I also couldn't resist grabbing a bunch of giant candy canes - a perfect finishing touch to our stockings and they're also so fun to use when wrapping gifts (I like to tie a candy cane into my bows!)


When we were growing up our mom would always put a few practical items in our stocking like a new toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc so to pay homage to that tradition, every year I get James a few skincare or practical items. London Drugs has a ton of gift set options like the Dove Care for Men set I got him, as well as cologne and other men's grooming products. For the ladies, the options are seriously endless! There are SO many cute gift sets (how pretty are the lotion and bath salts I picked up?!), they carry so many major beauty brands that there are lots of recognizable names such as the essie nail polish I picked up, the Colorista temp hair color I grabbed (remember I used it before - I LOVE it! Would be such a fab stocking stuffer) and they even had the cutest little purse sized nail files (that's what that donut looking match book item is in the photos). SO many great options at all price points so you'll definitely be able to find tons of inspiration for stocking stuffers. 

A Splurge Item

Because James and I don't exchange gifts outside of our stocking I usually include one or two 'splurge' items in the stocking that go a little bit above and beyond a typical stocking stuffer item. London Drugs has so many cool items that would make a perfect 'splurge' gift such as the Google Home, an electric toothbrush, portable speaker or a Fit Bit like I picked up this year! 

Reading Material

And lastly I always like to add a bit of reading material. I always pick up a magazine or two for James' stocking and this year I grabbed British GQ (so perfect for my british man!) and I also grabbed him the Mindhunter book. Did anyone watch that series on Netflix? James and I were obsessed so I know he'll love this book! Books are one of my favourite things to throw in our stockings and London Drugs has a huge selection of books to choose from! Also, for any Jane the Virgin fans, did you know that 'Snow Falling' is also a legit book?! Bah! I got so excited when I saw it in store. They also have Rupi Kaur's books which would make for perfect stocking stuffers! And since I was having a treat yo self moment, I also grabbed myself the cutest little reading socks that look like a reindeer - SO cozy!! 


So there you have it, my stocking - stuffer 101! Do you guys usually put similar items in your stockings? And, if you're looking for a few other gift (or stocking stuffer ideas), Kira from Northern Style Exposure is sharing some of the gifts she picked up from London Drugs on her blog today as well! And, we're giving away a $300 gift card to London Drugs over on our IG page so head on over to enter! Good luck :)


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