Summer Beet Salad

Today I'm sharing a crazy simple but super delicious summer beet salad that is the perfect recipe to bring to bbqs or get togethers. You can thank me later ;)

A few weeks back I shared my pre-spring indoor picnic with President's Choice and you may remember me talking about this yummy salad. When it comes to cooking and entertaining, I'm all for getting a little help in the prep department. I'd love to say that I have hours of time to prep delicious meals on the daily but that's just not how it is. So, when I find a way to make a yummy healthy meal that only takes 5 minutes well, let's just say I'm all over it!

simple beet salad

To make this yummy salad - here's all you need

- One bag of Prsidents Choice Beet Slaw

- One avocado

-Cherry tomatoes 

-Green onion

-Sunflower Seeds

simple beet salad
simple beet salad
simple beet salad

It really doesn't get easier than this salad. Bust open the bag of slaw and add some chopped up avocado, cherry tomatoes and green onions to taste (no specific qty amounts here folks, this ain't that kinda recipe!). Top with sunflower seeds for a little extra crunch and then top with your dressing of choice. 

Here's what was in the dressing I made....

Base - olive oil

Sweeten with - honey

Add some zing - lemon juice

Balance with - balsamic vinegar

Spice it up with pepper

Whenever I make my own salad dressing I don't really get too specific with my measurements but its usually 3 parts oil to one part vinegar then add the extras to taste. 

simple beet salad
simple beet salad
simple beet salad
simple beet salad

Mix it all up and you have a tasty salad that's the perfect side dish. I also kept the leftovers for lunch the next day and it kept just fine. What are some of your guys' favourite ways to spice up a simple salad? 

PS a HUGE thank you x a million to my girl Karly Ford for snapping these fab photos! Thanks girl XO