Three Summer Beauty Must Haves

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While I don't consider myself to be a beauty expert by any means when I do find an exceptionally fabulous product (or in today's case, three) that I end up using on repeat and loving I feel like it's worth sharing. Today I want to talk about my favourite lipstick that I continue to use until the tube runs out (and that's saying something, when you turn to a brand over and over), the treatment that I'm convinced has saved my hair and the new foundation that's basically changed my life (bold claim I know, but true)!

Let's start with the hair....

Olaplex No 3 At Home Treatment

As a bleach loving girl who can never be blonde enough I have been swearing by my Olaplex No 3 Hair Treatment that I picked up from my stylist Chantelle earlier this year. Whenever I get my hair done in the salon I add on an Olaplex treatment to keep my hair healthy and strong and this at home treatment just helps to keep my hair healthy in between treatments.  Olaplex No 3 is a concentrated treatment that's perfect for strengthening hair (which is V necessary if you color, dry, style, heat, etc your hair regularly). This treatment is a mask of sorts that you leave on to help repair damage, strengthen your strands and help to restore a healthier appearance to your hair. If you're looking to improve the health and appearance of your hair I highly suggest giving it a try, it's worked wonders in keeping my hair looking healthy and shiny!


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at home olaplex treatment

Next up, let's talk lipstick...

Beautycounter Color Intense Lipstick

I have been obsessed with Beautycounter's sheer lipstick for years. The Beautycounter Sheer Lipstick in Rose is my go-to everyday color but I wanted to try something that had a bit more oomph to it since the sheer lipstick is a bit more subtle and I wanted to try a lipstick with a bit of a bolder pop of color. Seeing as I love Beautycounter's sheer lipstick so much I thought I'd try their Color Intense lipstick. The two colors I tried were Girls' Night (seen left below) and Garden Party (seen right below) and I love them! The Girls' Night is the PERFECT shade of summer red and the Garden Party is a gorgeous punchy pink! I love Beautycounter's lipsticks because they're hydrating, the color lasts long and they actually smell amazing too! haha Plus, Beautycounter as a brand is all about using safe ingredients which is very important to me in my continuous quest to be a better consumer. 

best red lipstick
best summer lipstick

Lastly I want to talk about the best beauty purchase I've made in years and the foundation that has totally changed my beauty routine

Glo Pressed Base Mineral Foundation

This foundation is without a doubt my favourite foundation I have ever used period. It is so easy to apply, it applies smoothly and evenly, it's easy to work with and it makes your skin glow!! It's easy to build your base slowly depending on how much coverage you need. I am WAAAAY loving a pressed powder foundation vs a liquid foundation (no more 'oops, missed a spot!' streaks). Plus, it also includes added antioxidants and vitamins to give your skin a bit of a boost while you're at it! Trust me, if you're not 110% in love with your current foundation, you should consider giving this one a try. If you're in Edmonton or the area, I picked mine up from Jen's spa (Bella Casa Day Spa). She had color tester samples to make sure I got the right color and after only one use I was sold!! 


summer beauty

What are some of your favourite summer beauty products? Let me know in the comments below!

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