Vegan Frozen Yoghurt Blueberries

Holy heatwave friends! Oh man, I don't know about you but I have been suffering the past few weeks. James and I don't have air conditioning in our new house yet and with all of the rain and humidity it has been quite the task trying to find ways to stay cool. To avoid over indulging in slushies, popsicles and ice cream I tested out a healthier frozen treat that I thought I'd share with you today. 

I feel almost a little bit silly sharing this snack as a 'recipe' because it's quite possibly the simplest treat to make. That being said, when blueberries are in season and are as delicious as they are, I feel the need to share such a simple, healthy and delicious snack, even if it is only three steps! haha

When I received double my order of blueberries in my SPUD order a few weeks back I decided to make a cold treat that I don't need to feel guilty about that James and I could enjoy. Only 3 ingredients and taking only as long as it took for the blueberries to freeze (about an hour) I had a yummy, healthy treat.

Here's what you'll need:


Plain Coconut Yogurt (any yogurt will do but this is what I order from SPUD)

Honey (raw is best)


I bought all of my ingredients from SPUD. If you haven't tried them yet, use my referral code CREDM-TIDDIA when you sign up and get $25 in FREE groceries! 

To make these frozen blueberries I added a little bit of honey to sweeten up my yogurt and gave it a stir until it was totally smooth. You can add as much or as little honey as you like depending on how sweet you like. I added about a tsp-tbsp of honey to probably a cup of yogurt and find them to be plenty sweet so start small and add more if you need. If you use a sweetened yogurt, you won't need honey. 

Using a toothpick to hold them, coat your blueberries in the sweetened yogurt then place them on a baking tray with parchment paper. Once you fill the tray, pop in the freezer for about an hour to freeze and you're ready for a sweet healthy snack!

Enjoy and stay cool my friends :)

frozen blueberry snack
yoghurt covered blueberries
frozen yogurt covered blueberries
frozen yoghurt covered blueberries
frozen yoghurt covered blueberries