Ten Designer Tips to Stage Your Home for Sale

Well now that we're a week into spring this is the time of year that's prime for real estate. I have a few friends looking to make a move this year and being the "designer friend" I get asked for help with staging a lot. If you're selling your home and not staging it for sale, you're missing out huge time. Staging is an incredibly important aspect of listing your home - and whether you live in a one bedroom condo or a five bedroom split level, the importance is the same. 

If you've been following over on IG, you'll know that Kristina and I have been working away at staging a home that she helped flip with Revive Developments. Staging an empty home with unlimited access to great furniture and accessories (thanks The Brick!) is basically a dream - but if you're staging your own place that's already been decorated and furnished - I've got some tips for you today to stage your home for sale & maybe even help it sell faster. So here's my top 10 tips for staging as well as a few sneak peeks at the home Kristina and I decorated.


1. First Impressions Count

Staging the inside of a home is the obvious first place to start but in reality, the first impressions come into play before you even open the door. If your front entry is looking a bit tired, throw a coat of paint on the front door, shine up your mailbox and house letters and pop a plant outside - you want your front entrance to entice people to walk through those doors. Then, once they're inside, make sure the first space they see is a s bright and open as can be. Create a practical front entry space. Whether you have a small entry like myself and only have room for a bench and a plant or a spacious front entry with room for much more furniture and decor like the one Kristina and I decorated at the flip, make sure your entry space is welcoming and practical, drawing perspective home buyers further into your home!

bright and open front entry

DETAILS: Console Table - The Brick // Mirror - The Brick // Coat Rack - The Brick 

2. De-Clutter

This is by far the most important tip when it comes to home staging - DECLUTTER! Man oh man you guys I can't tell you how many times I've been in homes that are for sale that have "stuff" everywhere!! Go through your house and declutter once then do it again. Put away your receipts, papers, food packages, beauty products and more. In the kitchens and bathrooms, remove all personal items and any decor lining the tops of your cabinets. Leave only a few thoughtfully staged decorative items on the counters. In the bedroom, make sure your dresser tops are clean and tidy and in an office, hide away all paperwork. Generally speaking, if you're a "maximalist" when it comes to your decor - get ready to box some items away. 

tips for home staging

DETAILS: Table - The Brick // Chairs - The Brick // Dining Bench - The Brick

3. De-Personalize 

This is one that can be a bit tough for some people, but when you're selling a home you want perspective buyers to be picturing themselves living in your home, not walking around seeing photos of who currently lives there and wondering about who you are. All personal photos (ie family photos, pictures of you and your children or SO) should be put away. If you have a gallery wall, swap out those photos for some inexpensive printables. It's called "staging" for a reason - so remove any obvious visible reminders of who is currently living in the home (so that means clear your fridge of the grocery lists, love notes and funny photos). 

home staging tips

4. Stick With Solids

In as many places as you can, ensure that most of the textile accents are solids. Certain patterns or bold accents can be off putting, even subconsciously so try to keep things fairly basic and solid where you can. Don't get me wrong, patterns are okay like in this chair we used in the living room but in bedrooms try to use solid bedding without busy patterns. Keeping things as neutral and "simple" as possible will allow potential home buyers to not be distracted by your existing decor, and rather, imagine how they might decorate the space if they were living in it. 

home staging tips

DETAILS: Bed Frame - The Brick // Mattress - The Brick // Bedding - The Brick // Side Tables - The Brick // Bench - The Brick // Bedside Lamps - The Brick

5. Think of All Senses

Aside from taste (unless you put out snacks! haha), take into consideration all senses when you're showing your home. Keep sightlines clear and open to maximize the appeal of your space. Get out of the house if you have a showing - if you or your family is around making noise or playing music, it will be distracting to those viewing it. Clean your house before a viewing. Chances are viewers are going to be opening cupboards and closets, running their hands along countertops and surfaces so you want them to be clean! Nobody wants to buy a dirty home. And lastly - smell. The age old trick of brewing a pot of coffee or putting out a vanilla scented diffuser still go a long way to making a home feel welcoming in my books.

home staging tips

6. Keep Things Fresh

If you're painting your home before selling, consider going with white or an off white. Certain colors can be very off putting to people but a fresh blank canvas is inviting and allows for the thoughts of different possibilities in a space. Put out fresh flowers and keep your linens fresh and clean. These little details go a long way in making a home appear more inviting. 

home staging tips

7. Showcase The Full Potential

If you have a spare room you're using as your storage space or "junk room", stage it as a home office or spare bedroom. If you have a living room that's on the smaller side, make sure you showcase that it can comfortably seat many people. You want to maximize your home's potential and make sure that possible buyers see all that your home has to offer. 

home staging tips

DETAILS: Area Rug - The Brick // Desk - The Brick // Chair - The Brick // Bookshelves -  The Brick // Accents & Accessories - The Brick 

8. Bring the Spa Home

In your bathrooms, place a few styled pieces out to make the space feel more spa like. A beautiful candle, attractive tub tray and a few styled pieces can go a long way in turning those rooms into ones that potential home buyers will want to stay in. And of course, especially in bathrooms (and the kitchen) - keep them clean and smelling fresh! There's nothing more off putting than a dingy bathroom. 

home staging tips

DETAILS: Mirrors - The Brick

9. Go Green

As you declutter and remove pieces from your home for staging, a great way to keep the space feeling lived in and decorated is through the use of plants and greenery. I've said it before and I'll say it again, in my opinion using plants (real or faux) is the easiest way to decorate, bring in color and texture and make a space feel finished. Plants are generally inexpensive, easy to get and they're universally appealing - put them in every room! 

home staging tips

DETAILS: Dresser - The Brick // Blue Clock & Piggy Bank - The Brick

10. Detach Emotionally

My last tip is one I tell people to keep in mind throughout the whole home staging and selling process. If you're selling your home chances are you've lived in it for a while and have fond memories in it. We get attached to our home and the belongings in it but when it comes to staging, you need to detach emotionally from your home and your belongings and think more rationally. You may love your bright red and yellow curtains but swapping them out for white ones is a smarter move for resale. When you remove your emotions you're able to see more clearly and analyze what needs to change in your home to become more universally appealing. And as I always tell my staging clients, this is short term only. You box up your treasured belongings from one home, only to open them and use them again in a new one!


So what do you think of the first few peeks at the Glenora house? Kristina and I work so well together and we had a blast working together on this space! Stay tuned as I share more details from each room and - in the coming weeks, Kristina and I have some exciting news of our own to share that you won't want to miss!


Also - a huge thank you to The Brick for lending us this fab furniture for staging! Almost all of the furniture, the mattresses and many of the accessories are from The Brick! 


This post was sponsored by The Brick. As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!