Luxe For Less: Tanzania Wallpaper

Ok seriously, I'm in love with this wallpaper...

This photo is taken from the fabulous office space of the equally freaking amazing Mandy of Waiting on Martha. You need to check her out- she was one of the first blogs that I started reading and (gushing moment), when I started my old blog a while back she sent me the sweetest tweet wishing me luck! Seriously, I heart you, girl.

But back to wallpaper. Everything in this room is stunning, but the walls are beyond. I love the black and cream contrast and the graphic pattern in this Thibault design. It’s bold and fabulous and begging to be shown off! But what if you're not ready for a designer wall covering investment? 

I came across a fab pattern on Spoonflower that would be a great wallpaper or fabric alternative (both are available) for those looking to keep their budget to a minimum but still get that shabam factor. Check em out below. Which do you like better? Are you willing to invest in a designer paper or would you rather go the budget-friendly route for the fun Spoonflower version? I think I need BOTH in my life. 

Cost-wise, wallpaper can be hard to determine because every roll has a different amount of paper, depending on the brand. So what's the diff between these two?

The Thibault paper costs about $60 per 12' long roll, while the Spoonflower paper costs the same but has 32' per roll. So basically, you'll need to order triple the amount of the Thibault to cover almost the same area that the Spoonflower paper would cover. 

Do you guys love this pattern as much as I do? Still swooning!!