Park Picks 01.30.15

Sarah's Picks

1. Anthropologie Chandelier

Where can I put this?! Seriously, if I could have every room in my house dedicated to a different design style, I would have a gold/pretty/elegant room, and this would be the piece de resistance. Maybe Alice wants some gold bling? She is my daughter, after all! 

2. The Glow Book

I was given this book as a gift while I was pregnant, and I still go back to it every now and then to look at the gorgeous photos and read the stories of the beyond fabulous mammas. It means even more now that I have my little, and yes, those are her toes in the photo!

Diana's Picks

1. Chalkboard Globe

Looks like Sarah and I are both on an anthro kick today. I just love the irregular base of these globes - they're a fun contemporary decor "object" and would be a fabulous addition to any home in a bedroom, living room or office! 

2. F21 Sunnies

I can't resist a cute pair of sunnies, especially when they're less than $7! As mentioned here, I'm a bit of a disaster with sunglasses so buying a few cute pairs of cheapies is always the way I go. Maybe one day when I "grow up" I'll be able to buy a nice pair but for now, these are my current faves!

Kali's Picks

1. Bando iPhone Case 

I AM VERY BUSY. OBVI. I love this sassy little message on a gorgeous pastel blue with gold print. We all have one of these people in our lives, and mine happens to be me! Mine is on it's way. ;)

2. Kiss Me Bow Top in White  

Every professional gal needs a staple button down white shirt. I love this version with the dramatic bow. Pair with pencil skirt, pumps and a top knot for a insta-cute work ensemble.