January: Month in Review

2015, you came in like a wrecking ball.... A wrecking ball made of Diamonds, Mimosas, and general fabulous-ness. Our highlight of the month was our stopping by for breaky at Tiffany. We were ushered into their glamorous suite for some Veuve mimosas, croissants, coffee, and of course TIffany cookies, so CUTE! After trying on all these goodies, the men in our lives are certainly in trouble now. Helllooo Tiffany T for valentines. 

tiffany and co west edmonton mall, tiffany gallery wall

Of course we were dying over all of the Tiffany's blue boxes!

It's okay, you don't have to admit your favorite member of 204 Park is Alice. Really, how could she not be with a face like that?! Prepare for your heart to melt into a puddle on the floor. 

We can't share too much of the pictures below for a super fun upcoming award season post with Northern Style Exposure and Over my Styled Body. Keep your eyes peeled for this, it's gonna be a good one... 

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