GTL: The Prettiest Bathroom. Ever.

Happy Wednesday dolls! As you know, humpday around here means one thing: Get The Look! 

Today I'm breaking down how to get the most feminine and adorable bathroom ever. I came across this picture and instantly swooned. Those of you with a reno in your future can use this as a guide if you're going for a refined feminine look. But if a tile and faucet revamp isn't in your future, no worries! You can easily incorporate the decorative elements into the space that you already have. Bonus points for throwing up a few coats of fresh white paint! 

So here's the down-low:

Finishes include a warm white paint colour, white or soft grey subway tiles (classic!), and traditional faucets and fixtures.

Now, for the decor. The pink ottoman is key! Ground the pink/girly/prettiness with some graphic black and white framed artwork (12) and a black and white rug. Greenery is always amazing in a bathroom, but I prefer a slightly more modern vase than what's used in this photo (1, 2). Gold, anyone? Last but not least, we can't forget the classic white, fluffy towel

If you go for it and pretty up your bathroom, I applaud you! You can't go wrong, no matter what the man in your life says. Who's bathroom is it really, anyway?!