Gold Gift Wrap DIY

Last year I shared a few fun DIY gift wrap ideas and this year, I wanted to create an option that was a bit more glam. AKA, gold, fabulous, ridiculously simple and totally amazing ;) (if I do say so myself!)

gold gift wrap DIY
gold giftwrap DIY

This is the easiest gift wrap DIY ever! All you need is paper, gold paint, a paintbrush, scissors and I chose to use faux berries I picked up from the dollar store as adornments. Rather than paint the entire roll, I cut my pieces of paper to the size I needed for each of my gifts, then in a totally random and relaxed fashion, began painting brushstrokes on the paper. I allowed to dry overnight then wrapped away, topping off with my berries. Voila, glam wrapping paper in a snap! The best part about this paper is, it doesn't need to be perfect. So don't stress too much about your placement or strokes, just have fun and it will turn out fabulous. Happy DIY-ing! XO

gold gift wrap DIY

Tree, stockings, cushions and throw from Bouclair Home

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*Images by myself and Breanne Marie Photography

gold gift wrap DIY