Holiday Reads

With all of the hustle and bustle over the past few months I've fallen seriously behind on my reading goals. I had set a goal to read 25 books in 2016 and I'm sorry to say that I won't meet that goal. Between my MOH duties, moving this year, family circumstances, work being busier than ever and just life in general, my love of reading got put on the backburner so a goal of mine while James and I have been away in the UK was to take time to read and relax and I've already read two books in the time we've been away! 

Hopefully amongst the busy-ness of the holiday you'll be able to find some time to read and unwind as well so in the spirit of sitting by the fire with a glass of eggnog (or tall glass of wine if you're me! ;) ) I thought I'd share some of the books I'm hoping to read or have recently read over the holidays. Have you read any of these? Or if you have any good book suggestions let me know in the comments below!