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Travel Essentials

Greetings from England! ICYMI, I left last week with James to visit his family in England over the holidays. Our first days here have been great. I was struggling with the time difference and getting over the jet lag but after a few days I started to get right into a routine. Thankfully we've been taking things very slowly and spending lots of time with James' family and visiting some friends and the trip has been so relaxing thus far.

Seeing as I've just made a long journey (9 hr flight) I thought I'd share some of my carry on essentials that helped get me through the long flight over and made the trip a bit easier or at least, a little more stylish ;) 

My first essential has been the Saje Travel Safe Kit. This set has been an absolute godsend. Starting with the safe hands antibacterial lotion which is the perfect aid from the dry plane air and also adds a bit of peace of mind with antibacterial properties. Next up is the arrive revived jet lag spray and oil remedy which have been helping me massively with staying awake and alert through adjusting to the time difference. Included in the kit also is the restoral healing ointment which aids with a range of discomforts as well as digestion relief to assist when your tummy might not be feeling quite right due to changes in food and unease from travel. I highly recommend these products when travelling to make your journey much more comfortable.

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Next up on my list of essentials is a comfortable pair of headphones. I love my sudio sweden cordless headphones because there's much less cord and wire to fuss with when travelling. They also come in a great leather pouch which is super convenient because the last thing you need to do when travelling and finding yourself at train stations or airports is having to fuss with tangled cords or your headphones wrapped around other items in your bag (tell me I'm not the only one who has suffered from untangling my earphones from my lipgloss collection!)

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When it comes to 'on the go' convenience nobody does it better than my friends at Pinch Provisions. I've already sung my praises for their "minimergency" kits a few times (here and here) so naturally, it's an absolute must for travelling. (Check out the white case on the left). In addition to my minimergency kit, I also like to pack a few extra deoderant and stain removing towelettes. If you're spending more than 24 hours travelling like we did (thanks to a pesky layover and a bit of a drive from the airport once landing) you can start to feel a bit - gross. The deoderant towelettes are so perfect for these occasions plus, the stain remover wipes are always a good idea, especially if you're stuck on a plane for hours on end and find yourself trying to clean up a spill. 

Probably the biggest game changer for me this trip has been my new Poppy Barley passport holder. Let me tell you, I'm usually a bit of a hot mess when I travel. I struggle to find my passport and my boarding pass and don't get me started on how my credit card always seems to disappear. This passport holder holds everything! With specific spaces for your cards, money, phone, boarding pass, passport and even a pen holder - it has quite honestly been the best item I've ever received for staying organized while travelling!

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A few other travel essentials are obviously a good book or magazines and if you have a long flight like I did - I never travel without face wipes. Also, while it's not something I carry on, I am obsessed with my Umbra travel storage for makeup, jewelrey and other small items (see the pink case below). This case has a ton of compartments and then folds up to a compact case that's lightweight and so convenient!

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These are just a few of my favourite travel essentials - what are yours? 

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