Making Your Home Cozy for the Cool Months

I don't know about the rest of you but for those of us in Edmonton, it's been feeling like a winter wonderland already over the past few weeks. While I may not love winter, I do love cozying up indoors. Winters for me are all about that cozy life. So, when it's time to cozy up your indoor oasis, your retreat from the cold, what do you do? For me, there are a few simple switches I make to cozy up my space and today I thought I'd share a few of them....

1. Candles Galore

As soon as fall hits I become queen of the candles! I love to dim the lights, light up a scented candle or two and enjoy the warm smell and cozy feel of a candlelit room. I picked up a few candles from The Brick on my last shopping trip to pick up accessories and picked up some incredible smelling ones that also came in great gift boxes (hellooo holiday gift idea, anyone?!).

fall and winter decor styling
front entry styling
fall decor tips


2. Bring in Texture

Swapping out your throw cushions is a really simple and affordable way to cozy up your decor for the cooler months. I love to mix in faux fur cushions like this one I picked up from The Brick and because I'm so in love with them, I'm definitely going to be keeping out these cushions that I DIY'd from the Brick. The deep color and texture with the tassels make them perfect for cozying up my living room!

fall decor tips
cozy fall interior design tips

3. Cozy Up with Throws

Another simple way to up the cozy factor is through the use of blankets and throws. They not only add texture but they will literally warm you up! My favourites are some of the knitted throws I picked up from The Brick. When I'm not using them, I like to display them in baskets so that they look great also! (PS basket from The Brick too!)

cozy interior design tips
cozy fall decor tips

4. Bring in Rich Colors

Deep, rich jewel tones are a wonderful way to add coziness to a room. If you're not wanting to fully commit to a large dose of color, consider bringing in color in smaller accents such as smaller accessories or pieces like the Chilton Ottoman that can move around between spaces.

interior design teal accent
teal ottomans

5. Warm Up Your Accessories

Warm neutrals, cozy wicker baskets and trays and brass metallic accessories are easy ways to warm up your decorative groupings. Smaller accents like this are great because they're low commitment, usually low cost and so so simple to switch out seasonally. These are some of my favourites that I picked up from The Brick!

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6. Ambiant Lighting

My last tip for cozying up your space is to focus more on ambiant lighting. Much like lighting candles, switching off the overhead lighting and layering lamps on dimmer switches is a great way to create a cozy and comfortable space. I love the Tyler lamp for adding warmth to our front entry and this Glass Shade lamp is perfect in our living room and creates the ultimate curl up in a blanket reading nook. 

cozy home decor
cozy home decor