Minimalist Holiday Decor Inspiration

Today I want to talk about one of my favourite topics - the holidays! I adore Christmas. I love the music, the food, the get togethers with family and friends, the cozy time indoors and of course - the decorations! That being said, I have a bit of a confession to make... last year I was totally uninspired when it came to holiday decor. Last year James and I weren't at home for Christmas so we set up a tree to enjoy for the half of December we were here for but truthfully I just wasn't feeling it. Our tree was old, looking pretty rough and half of the lights kept dying. I felt like all of our decorations were too bright and colorful, or too traditional and I didn't have the time to spend to do the DIYs I wanted to and to achieve the look I wanted to go for. I felt pretty blah about our decor set up to be honest. 

So, this year I decided to make a bit of a change and pare things down to the basics. Our vibe and inspo for the holidays this year at our house are simple, modern and oh-so minimal. Truthfully, I likely won't have the time to get all of the DIYs and crafts done that I'd like but already we're off to a much better start with our decorating this year than I felt we were last year. So, what's my inspiration for a minimalist and Scandinavian inspired Christmas? Take a look below.... and let me know, what's your go-to Holiday decor color palette or inspiration?

minimalist christmas decor

Minimalist holiday decor favourites 

modern christmas decor

top to bottom: FESTive af banner // modern triangular holiday hanging // minimalist holiday tree // modern holiday wreath // minimalist tree trio // minimalist gift tags // stained glass modern tree hanging // ho ho ho garland // modern personalized ornaments // minimalist tree print // geometric ornaments 



Keep it simple

With minimalist holiday decor simple really is best. Think - single branch in a vase, minimal ornaments on your tree (if any!), lots of twinkly sparkly lights and cozy candles and quality, not quantity when it comes to the holiday decorations. 

minimalist holiday decor
minimalist christmas
simple christmas decorations
minimalist christmas


Greenery galore

If there's one color that's prominent in Scandinavian and minimalist holiday decor it's green! Green garland, green bare trees, green table accents, green wreaths, basically, greenery anywhere and everywhere! Green is a neutral in the world of decor so use it and use it lots if you're going for a Scandi holiday look. Pair with black and white, raw wood, faux furs and white on white decor for a true minimalist holiday feel. 

minimalist christmas decor
modern scandinavian christmas decor
minimalist christmas decor
scandinavian holiday decor, modern christmas


Natural Beauty

Just as I mentioned above, greenery and other natural elements are paramount in putting together a Scandinavian Christmas set up. So much of the minimalist decor inspiration is pulled from nature. Any greenery, branches, pinecones and flowers are perfect. Grab branches and elements of unfinished or raw wood. Furs or faux furs are great for that Scandinavian touch. Basically, if it's nature inspired then you're on the right track. Even this cake (below) with the trees as decor is perfect so go ahead and get creative!

minimalist holiday decor
pinecone garland, minimalist
Scandinavian Christmas decor
minimalist holiday cake

Texture, Texture, Texture

Since so much of the minimalist and Scandinavian holiday decor is quite neutral and tone on tone, texture is necessary to make the different materials stand out and create visual interest. So if you're wrapping a present or setting a table in tone on tone, bring in different materials and textures to break up the look. This is why so many natural touches are used in Scandinavian decor - for texture! Pull in different twines and natural elements, different materials and layer your decor for a simple but beautiful overall look! 


scandinavian christmas
minimalist holiday wrap
scandinavian christmas decorations
scandinavian christmas tree