Self Care February....Taking It Slow

I can't believe we're already into February; despite taking a slow start to 2018 time still seems to be moving so quickly. I started 2018 as many of us start the new year, inspired and motivated to start the new year on the right foot but it didn't take long for me to realize that doing so was going to take a little longer than I'd originally anticipated. 

If you've been following along with the blog for awhile chances are you've heard me speak time and time again about my struggles with finding the oh so elusive 'work/life balance' so heading into 2018 most of my goals were less career oriented and more lifestyle oriented. Working less and taking care of myself more and for the month of January I did just that, with unexpected results. 


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For the entire month of January I met my goals of sleeping more, working out 4x a week, cooking more meals for myself and taking more time to read, relax and unwind. As a result I've been feeling grounded, calm and significantly less stressed which is wonderful. What's been not so wonderful is the total lack of motivation that came as a result. Rather than feeling more inspired and motivated as a result of my more balanced lifestyle I've actually been struggling to post on the blog as frequently and find the motivation to work on the creative projects related to 204 Park. A struggle of mine in the past was having too many ideas and not enough time to execute them but as I've slowed down and now have more time, the struggle has become motivation.

I spoke a bit about this struggle on my IG here and on my insta stories and SO many of you messaged me back with your own struggles and experiences or insights. After some insightful conversations and messages my initial thoughts were reinforced that really, I'm  exhausted. Years of non stop hustle have taken their toll and I've realized that it's okay to take things slow. 

I'd already planned to head into 2018 with my goals set at a reasonable pace so I haven't been too concerned that things on the blog have been off to a slower start this year. In fact, I'm trying to embrace the slow.  So many of you messaged me with similar stories, needing more time to adjust to a slower pace after being used to years of hustle so heading into February, commonly known as a month of 'love' thanks to Valentine's Day, I've decided to make February all about self love. Continuing to take things slow, make myself a priority and allow myself the space and time to ease into my plans for the year at a slower pace. 

It's a weird concept for this gal who operates best at a 'go, go, go' kind of pace but I think practice makes perfect and as I adjust to a slower pace, I'm hoping I'll work my way closer and closer to the 'balance' we all strive for. 

So, what does self love mean for me for February?

It means continuing to keep my boundaries with taking weekends off and turning off the laptop and emails by 7pm at the latest. It means making sure I'm getting 8+ hours of sleep and my 10,000 steps a day. It means cooking meals I enjoy and eating wholesome meals that are healthy, but allowing myself to indulge here and there too.  It means finally booking the long overdue massage I've been putting off, making time to book the facial I've long been wanting to book and running myself a bubble bath and hiding away with a good book a few times a week. 

What does self love and self care look like to you? Let me know in the comments below! And what resolutions or goals for the year are you still working on?


Photo taken by Tracey Jazmin Photo